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What Is PB Tubing? How To Use?

Introduction of PB Pipe

PB pipe is a polymer inert polymer, is by the Swiss Georg Fischer and Shell in the last century 70 's cooperation development, and by Georg Fischer the earliest to introduce the pipeline product market, PB resin is by butene 1 synthesis polymer synthesis, belongs to the organic chemical material category High-tech product, has the very high temperature resistance, the durability, Chemical stability and plasticity. Long life, up to 50-100 years, and has long-term anti-aging characteristics, as one of the world's most sophisticated chemical materials.

physicochemical Properties of PB Tube

is a polymer inert polymer, PB resin is made of butene-1 synthesized polymer complex. is with a special density of 0. 937 crystals are of different properties with softness. It belongs to the High-tech products of organic chemical materials, it has a high temperature resistance, durability, chemical stability and plasticity, tasteless, non-toxic, odorless, temperature applicable range is -30oc to +100oc, with cold, heat, pressure, not rust, non-corrosive, scaling, long life,? Up to 50-100 years, and has long-term anti-aging characteristics, is one of the world's most sophisticated chemical materials. Widely used in many countries around the world. Have the reputation of "gold in plastic".

PB Pipe Application and use

Poly (PB) resin was made in 1954 by Professor G of Italy. Natta for the first time, 1964 industrial production began, the 1965 Austrian Plastics Association appeared the first poly-butene (PB) heating piping system. The exciting is. The system is still running. In the following 50 years? The application of the Poly-butene (PB) pipeline system has been popularized, which is applied to the radiator heating connecting pipe system, the ground radiant heating system and the living hot and cold water piping system in the building. Poly (PB) resin is composed of carbon and hydrogen polymer, compared with metal and ceramics and other traditional materials, easy to process, easy to recycle, the whole life cycle of low energy consumption, is green environmental friendly material. From the structural point of view, poly (PB) is a linear fully-structured semi-crystalline thermoplastic material, the process and use of non-toxic non-polluting, can be repeatedly heating molding. Therefore, the Poly-butene (PB) has a comprehensive health, processing, surface finish, strength, flexibility and connectivity advantages in the physical characteristics, thermodynamic characteristics and functionality of the comprehensive balance, thus giving the Poly-butene (PB) plastic pipe Many unique characteristics, in the fluid conveying system, Especially in the building of the hot water transportation system has opened up a wide range of applications.

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