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What Do You Do In A Leaky Sewer?

Water pipeline leakage is often a problem in the home, sometimes such a little bit of a small problem, but it will be a lot of people. So what kind of approach is a good way. Below I will tell you about my processing experience.

(a), how to do water leakage?

1, if it is a PVC pipe, you can buy a PVC pipe to pick up, first cut the broken pipe, put the interface into the end of the pipe, so that the other end of the cut position is exactly the same as the interface of another hole flush, so that it just can straighten, and then directly to this end to send, So that both ends have a certain intersection and then the distance (length) and then removed it, with PVC glue applied to the direct two sides of the inner and two down the outside side of the water pipe.

2, you can buy waterproof tape to repair the water pipe, entangled in the line, and then mortar waterproofing and cement to wipe up on the line.

3, looking for a professional company better, if you can not handle the words.

(b) What about the leakage of iron pipes?

Water leakage of iron pipes, according to different conditions to adopt different methods

1, the diameter of 2 centimeters of iron pipe leakage but the iron pipe is not embroidered, just part of the location of the damage, the main valve closed, just to replace the position of the molten iron pipe can! Cut off the position of the water pipe, in the use of the machine in the Beecher Silk Buckle, in the street to connect the head!

2, the diameter of 2 centimeters of iron pipe leakage, because of the overall corrosion caused by water pipes, the main water pipe closed, the section of the water pipe to replace the whole two sets on the screws on the screw buckle on

3, the diameter of 20 centimeters of iron pipes leaking, if the problem is the connection head to replace the joint part. If the tube is leaking, grinding to the original tube body of the embroidered, in the use of welding methods to repair the attention needs in the repair position inlaid with the water pipe close to the iron plate to do reinforcement.

(c), PPR plastic pipe leakage How to do?

1, first with a small hacksaw to the leakage of the place sawed off--saw the mouth to be flat.

2. Use sandpaper to gently burnish the newly exposed port, not too much.

3. Wipe the port with clean cloth.

4, the use of special glue on the port, slightly dry for a while, while the ' bamboo ' joints in the glue.

5, the port and ' bamboo ' connection, to rotate repeatedly until firmly. The same way to connect to the other end.

6, all OK after the joint at the right amount of glue to ensure that no leakage.

(four), water pipe joint leakage how to do?

The water pipe connector at home leaks, in addition to a new one, what good way? The fitting itself is broken and can only be replaced with a new one; Silk mouth leakage can be removed, such as no glue pad to be installed on the pad, rubber pad aging on a new one, silk mouth coated with thick white paint and then wrapped in linen, with the same as winding with raw materials. If it is glue or weld place leakage is more difficult, oneself more difficult to solve.

(e) What about the leaking of the water pipe in the wall?

Inside the wall water leakage, can only chisel open the wall, can really find the water leakage point, thoroughly repaired. In addition, can also find a property or decoration company first to see what the situation.

In fact, there will be different places in the home leakage of the same problem, then the following small series in order to separate the water pipe and toilet sewer pipe leakage how to deal with.

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