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What Are The Principles Of The Selection Of Pipes And Equipment?

First, the choice of pipe and equipment 1, the choice of pipe and pipe fittings to meet the existing national standards (such as flaring machine, etc.): GB15558.1 (2003) and GB15558.2 (1995). GB15558.2 has been revised but has not yet been published. Suggested new version GB15558.2 before the publication, pipe fittings should also meet the international standard ISO8085 or European standard EN1555.

2, should avoid the use of high-density PE80 raw materials (such as HE3470-LS) production of pipe and hot-melt butt joint, but should use the density of PE80 raw materials production of pipe and hot melt butt joint. The melt flow rate of the high density PE80 feedstock is much lower than the melt flow rate of the medium density PE80 feedstock, with potential compatibility problems. Moreover, in the market, the density of PE80 raw materials is the mainstream products. Medium density PE80 raw materials than the high density PE80 raw materials generally have better anti-slow crack propagation performance. High-density PE80 pipe / pieces should not be directly with the medium density PE80 pipe / pieces for hot-melt butt, should use fused connection.

3, fused welding machine and hot melt butt welding machine should be used internationally recognized equipment and welding specifications (including welding parameters).

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