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What Are The Main Uses Of Large Diameter Double Wall Corrugated Pipes?

China before the main use of cement pipe. But the cement pipe has many difficult to overcome the shortcomings, one is the upper reaches of the cement industry on the situation caused by the pollution is extremely tense, production and processing of high energy consumption, waste resources, production process has obvious signs of waste generated difficult to deal with the threat of surrounding areas The natural situation. Second, the weight of cement pipe is large, not easy to transport construction complex, long engineering cycle, consume a lot of manpower and material resources, reduce work efficiency. Third, the connection quality is low, easy to leak, which is the biggest problem of cement pipe, if it is not in the transport of non-drinking water is valuable water resources. If the transport is harmful to the liquid pollution, the people's health threat. Fourth, the resistance within the wall when the transport, the smoothness of the cement pipeline is poor, affecting the transmission speed and flow, and in the transport of non-drinking water may be in the inner wall of bacteria, affecting water quality. Five is a short life, cement pipe corrosion resistance is poor, in a long dark and humid situation easily damaged, reducing the useful life of the project.

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