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Waterproof Casing Installation Methods And Precautions

Waterproof casing installation method

● Installation during construction

If the construction is completed after installation, the need to deal with waterproof casing and concrete secondary casting, the process is very complicated. In order to avoid this trouble, waterproof casing to be installed during construction.

● Install before installing the pipe

Install the waterproof casing before installing the pipe, the first to check to see if the waterproof casing is intact, if damaged to be replaced in time, but also check whether its size meets the requirements of the drawings, whether it meets the requirements of on-site construction; Second, to Check whether the pipe is damaged, whether there is cracks, trachoma, etc., there are problems to be solved in advance; again, to check the socket is not in place, socket socket itself is dense, solid; Finally, to check the pipe slope is appropriate, can not appear down Slope conditions, the other should be noted that the slope of the roof outlet to be increased accordingly.

Waterproof casing installation considerations

● waterproof casing is not standardized

On the one hand refers to the thickness of the pipe itself does not meet the requirements of the drawings caused by the waterproof casing can not be used; the other hand refers to the waterproof casing cutting gas pipe ends caused by burrs at both ends, uneven.

● The position of the sleeve is not accurate

This is consistent with the installation of the waterproof bushing mentioned above during construction. If not installed according to this principle, it is likely that the approximate position reserved for installing the bushing is not accurate and the entire construction can not be completed Work properly.

Floor floor height is not suitable

GB50242-2002 specification states that in the pipeline through the walls and floors should be set metal casing or plastic casing. The casing installed in the slab should have a top higher than the decorative surface, typically 20 mm; a casing installed in the bathroom and the kitchen, the bottom of the casing should be flat with the floor of the slab, with the top generally about 50 mm above the decorative floor; The inner wall of the casing to ensure that both ends of the same height with the veneer.

● Beware of corrosion

If the casing facing the water is corrosive substances, you need to use blocking material to seal the gap. For example, the installation encountered non-concrete walls, and the casing of the water is corrosive material, which requires the local wall to concrete wall, and to ensure that the thickness of the wall, or ineffective.

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