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The Key Point Of The Flow Channel In The Design Of Injection Mold
1, into the mouth should be opened in the product meat thick part, to ensure the smooth and complete mold filling;
2, as far as possible to open in the product does not affect the appearance and function, can be at the edge or at the bottom;
3, at the gate near the cold material point, the end often set pull rod, in order to facilitate the runner demoulding;
4, large or flat products, it is recommended to use more points into the water to prevent warping deformation and lack of material;
5, its position should be selected in the plastic mold filling process the most shortcomings in order to reduce pressure loss, is conducive to mold exhaust;
6, in the slender core to avoid opening the gate, so as to avoid the direct impact of the material flow core, resulting in deformation dislocation or bending;
7, the gate size by the product size, geometry, structure and the type of plastic decision, you can first take small size and then according to the test mode of the status of the amendment;
8, through the mold flow analysis or experience, to determine the product due to the gate location of the combined line, whether the impact of product appearance and function, can be added to the cold material points to solve;
9, a model of multiple points, the same product using symmetrical feed way, for different products in the same mold molding, the priority will be the largest products near the mainstream road position. 
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