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The Difficulty Of Exporting Waste Plastics To China In The UK

China is increasing its technical standards for the import of used plastics and is no longer accepting low-quality used materials. The article stated that although the British government encourages consumers to increase the recycling rate of self-use plastic products, this plan has not been effective. Nearly 70% of the waste plastic products have been shipped to China, and the amount of waste plastics has increased as China's own consumption has been increasing. British plastic waste, which is low quality and mixed with other materials, is no longer welcome. The article mentioned that since the beginning of this year, nearly 420 tons of plastic waste from 17 containers have been returned on their way to China, and a person in charge of a British reprocessing facility is worried that if Chinese standards continue to increase, these plastic wastes will pile up in the UK. The British Environment Minister encourages domestic waste recycling companies to seize opportunities and participate actively in the global recycling of waste materials to promote the development of related industries in the country.

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