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The Difference Of Waste Plastics And New Plastic Pipe Products

After the recycling of waste plastics, the performance has different degrees of decline, mainly by the light aging, oxidation and thermal aging caused. The degree of performance degradation depends largely on the age of service and the environment. The waste edges and waste products produced by the molding processing plant. The performance of the recycled material is reduced very little, almost as a new material used, indoor use, short service life of products, recycled material performance is not small, but in the outdoor use, long life, poor environment (such as under pressure, electric field, chemical medium, etc.) product performance is poor, even can not be recycled. Because of the heat aging in the process of regeneration, the color of raw materials from shallow to deep. Industrial plastic products are not recommended to mix or direct use of recycled materials, the following introduction of several commonly used plastic renewable raw material performance changes.


After regeneration the color turns yellow, therefore the regenerated polystyrene generally carries on the coloring. The decreasing degree of the properties of the raw meal is directly proportional to the number of regeneration, and the fracture strength is less than 60%, and the limit viscosity is below 40%.

Other plastic

After the regeneration of ABS, the discoloration was obvious, but there was no significant change in the performance of 20%~30%.


The regeneration also has the discoloration and the performance to descend the problem, the addition quantity is advisable below 20%. After the regeneration, the elongation decreased, but the elasticity tended to increase.


After the regeneration of polyethylene, the performance decreased and the color turned yellow, and the anti-aging performance decreased the most. After repeated extrusion, the viscosity of HDPE decreased and the viscosity of LDPE increased. The dosage of blending can be added under 8%.


At one regeneration, the color is almost unchanged and the melt index rises. More than two times the color is heavier, the melt index still rises. After regeneration, the resistance to overshoot and anti-aging decreased the most, and the fracture strength and elongation decreased.


After regeneration, the discoloration is more obvious, once the regeneration will have a light brown, three times is almost become opaque brown. The viscosity is constant at two times, and two times there is a downward inclination. Whether hard or soft PVC, stabilizer should be added to regenerate. In order to make the product shiny, renewable use can add mixed dosage generally for 1%~3%.

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