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Study On The Processing Technology Of Rigid PVC Crust Foaming Plate

1, rigid PVC Skin Foaming board production process and equipment
1.1 Production process Rigid PVC Skin Foam board production process is as follows: PVC resin + additives → high speed mixing → low speed cold mixing → cone twin-screw extrusion → die-shaped (knot skin foaming) → cooling stereotypes → multi-roller traction → cutting products → collection inspection.
Production of rigid PVC knot skin Foam Board products specifications for 1 MMX2 440 mm, product thickness of 8~32 mm.
1.2 Production line layout Newly developed rigid PVC Crust foamed sheet production line. The core components of the production line are extruder, mould, cooling and shaping device, traction cutting device and control system. The extruder system adopts SJZS-80 conical twin-screw extruder, barrel, screw, power transmission system design conforms to the technological characteristics, large extrusion volume, material shearing uniformity, high extrusion efficiency; The mold system uses the knot skin Foam board Special Hanger type flow path structure mold, can adjust the die lip, Make the material extrusion foaming evenly and adapt to different thickness of the plate; the cooling molding system adopts 4 groups of pressure plate structure, pneumatic system control, make the plate size accuracy control simple; the cooling system design of the piping makes the plate cooling more evenly and shape fast; the traction and cutting system adopts the roller-tube combination traction machine, which makes the traction measurement easy to adjust, Roller traction machine and wide cutting machine electric synchronous control, make the plate cut straight.
The production line adopts the on-line intelligent control of extrusion unit, takes PLC system as the main control means, and realizes the close-loop feedback control of pressure and temperature parameters by using the sensors of temperature and pressure and the high precision pneumatic control system to realize the precise control of process parameters.
2, the rigid PVC Crust Foaming board production process parameter setting
2.1 Rigid PVC Skin foaming forming principle Rigid PVC Foaming products use chemical foaming agent foaming molding. The foaming agent and its decomposition gas dissolve in the melt before the melt extrusion exit die, after extrusion die, the melt pressure temperature drops, so that dissolved in the melt gas saturation and the phase separation, forming a large number of micro-bubble pores and foaming, surface bubbles in the cooling molding die after the rapid cooling of the expansion is fixed, The formation of a high density and smooth surface of the crust, resulting in the production of crust foam plate. Low foaming molding process has free foaming, inward foaming and limited foaming, coextrusion foam 4 kinds of technology [3]. In this paper, the rigid PVC crust foamed sheet is introduced with limited foaming technology, Figure 2, the melt from the hanger-type mouth mode 1 away from the free foam, and then import and die size similar to the cooling model 2, immediately on the plate surface forced cooling, pressing plate surface area foaming (that is, knot skin), to obtain relatively hard surface foam semi-finished products,
After the cooling zone from the traction device traction into the roller device, in order to compensate for the subsequent cooling shrinkage of the plate, cooling molding device size is greater than the thickness of the plate about 1%, according to cooling molding mold cooling strength, sheet thickness control in 0.1~1.0 mm change. 

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