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Selection Of Water Supply Pipe

Selection of water supply pipe

1, production and fire hydrant system water supply pipeline, the general use of steel pipe, water supply cast iron pipe or plastic pipe. When the pipe diameter is less than or equal to 150mm, galvanized steel pipe should be used, the pipe diameter is greater than 150mm, the use of galvanized steel pipe or water supply cast iron pipe.

2, for the life of water supply pipe diameter is less than or equal to 150mm, should use water supply pipe, pipe diameter greater than 150mm, can be used water supply cast iron pipe: When the water pipe buried in the laying, if the pipe diameter is greater than 75mm, it is advisable to use water supply cast iron pipe.

(3) stool, urinal, stool groove of the flushing pipe, it is advisable to use water supply pipe.

(4) Root batch water quality requirements and building use requirements, living water supply pipe can be used copper pipe, plastic pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe or steel-plastic composite pipe and other pipe.

(5) Hot water pipe diameter is less than or equal to the MM, galvanized steel pipe should be used. Hotels, senior residences, villas and other buildings, it is advisable to use steel pipe, poly-butene tube or aluminum-plastic composite pipe.

First of all, look at the sanitary performance of products. The first step to meet the health needs of the pipes. The cleanliness of the water does not depend entirely on the pollution of the pipe to the water quality, but also on whether the pipeline can withstand the oxygen from the outside air to the pipe wall infiltration. It is well known that long-term oxygen permeation is easy to breed bacteria, scale and moss in the pipeline, thus polluting the water quality. Aluminum plastic pipe Because of the middle of a layer of metal aluminum, so can 100% light, oxygen isolation, and other pure plastic pp-R and other pipe can not solve the problem of oxygen-permeable, light transmission and so on.

The second is the safety and reliability of the product. At present, the common water supply pipeline has aluminum plastic pipe, PE pipe, pp-R pipe, etc., from the material analysis, aluminum-plastic tube is high-density polyethylene sandwiched aluminum, polyethylene melting point of 140 ℃, so its long-term high temperature performance, its supporting use of the card sleeve nut type and steel sleeve clamp pressure-type pipe fittings, as long as the correct installation, reliable degree of very high PE pipe has a single structure, a large linear expansion coefficient, such as the shortcomings of natural than aluminum-plastic tube; pp-R because of the molecular characteristics of polypropylene, whether imported or domestic, its high temperature resistance and linear expansion coefficient of large defects limit its application. Therefore, the Ministry of Construction [2001] year 54th documents expressly defined PP-r long-term operating temperature can not exceed 70 ℃; but its hot-melt connection process is complex, it is easy to produce the heap material defect zone, which leads to the stress concentration, and affects the long-term performance of the pipeline, the local high temperature of the electric fuse is easy to promote the degradation of PP-R and accelerate the aging of the pipeline.

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