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PVC Plastic Door Development Needs To Consider The Double Requirements Of Flame Retardant And Smoke Elimination

Industry pointed out that China's PVC plastic door development must be in the fire-retardant system, while considering the dual requirements of flame retardant and smoke elimination. At present, China's PVC plastic building materials in low smoke burning level of products are still very few. However, there have been some recent developments in PVC plastic doors.


Some of these development results are briefly described below. Sichuan Institute of Fire Science and technology using a variety of metal oxides, supplemented by PVC resin modifier, at a certain temperature at a high speed stirring, so that the mixture of uniform and made ssh-93n flame retardant smoke-removing agent.

The flame retardant smoke-removing agent has good flame retardancy and smoke-eliminating effect on PVC resin, which makes it become low smoke, low toxicity, high fire-resistant products.

The chemical department of Shantou University uses Sb203, CaCO3 and metal oxides made of flame retardant smoke elimination system, used for PVC resin can be made of high flame retardant low smoke PVC plastic.

Beijing Institute of Technology has studied two kinds of high effective smoke-inhibiting agent-molybdenum compound and Mg-Zn complex, when adding 2-5 mass in plastic, the smoke can be reduced by 30% and 50%, which is a very efficient smoke-retardant for PVC. Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry with Al (OH) 3, (main) and a variety of inorganic flame retardant synergistic combination, made of inorganic composite flame retardant, it has a small amount of added, flame-retardant good, low smoke, non-toxic, low-cost characteristics.

The basic formula of compound flame retardant with A1 (OH) as main body is: PVC100, lead Stabilizer 4.0, lubricant 0.4, other auxiliaries 3.5-5.0 (all of which are quality). Huizhou University by analyzing the effects of different metal ions as catalysts on the decomposition reaction of PVC and the formation of smoke, in this paper, the synergistic effect of positive and negative ions is studied, and the fr-x flame retardant smoke removing agent used for hard burning and smoke treatment of rigid and PVC materials is prepared, and the refractory and low smoke hard PVC door and window profiles made of the flame retardant smoke removing agent have excellent flame resistance.

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