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PVC Pipe Storage, Transportation, Installation Requirements

① when shipped, shall not throw, out, roll, drag. In the winter when the handling should be lightly put, when the use of mechanical equipment hoisting tube, you must use non-metallic rope (belt) lifting.

② When transporting the pipe, it should be placed on a flatbed car with a baffle plate or in a flat cabin, and there is no possibility of damaging the crests of the pipe. It shall be bundled and fixed with non-metallic rope (band) and shall be sunscreen The

③ pipe fittings, valves shipped pleasure, should be stacked by layers of neatly, fixed and reliable, and should be anti-rain measures.

PVC pipe, pipe and valve storage process: >> should be consistent with the provisions of cloth:

① pipe, pipe fittings and valves should be stored in a well-ventilated warehouse or Xu inside. Keep away from heat, and should be sunscreen, rain measures.

② It is strictly forbidden to be mixed with oil or chemicals.

③ The pipe should be stacked horizontally on the flat support or on the ground. When the straight pipe is stacked in triangular form or stacked on both sides with the support of the rectangular stacking, the stacking height should not exceed I. 5m: When the straight bamboo is stored in a layered shelf, the height of each shelf should not exceed Im. The total height of the stack should not exceed 3m.

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