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Problems And Application Of UPVC Pipe

The problem of UPVC pipe:

1. Temperature influence

uPVC Tube heat resistance is poor, and in 60 ℃ above the environmental tensile strength drop (applicable to the continuous discharge temperature not exceeding 40 ℃, instantaneous discharge temperature does not exceed 80 ℃ domestic sewage). Therefore, the design should be kept away from the heat source, such as from the stove side is greater than 400mm, distance from the hot water pipe is greater than 200mm, at the same time the hot water pipe should take insulation measures, not through the flue and firewall.

The impact strength of hard PVC drainage pipe is decreased under low temperature environment. Therefore, in the air-conditioned equipment conversion layer, can consider the use of cast iron pipe instead of the hard PVC drainage pipe to ensure the safety of drainage.

Due to the influence of temperature, the expansion coefficient is large, each layer of riser and longer transverse tube on the need to set telescopic joints. Thus, other professional layout should consider the gap effect of uPVC pipe, in parallel with other pipelines, plastic pipe pull over, when the cross laying, plastic pipe under and should be staggered, and consider adding metal casing protection. In addition, the vertical pipe through the roof of the floor should be used as a fixed support point, and should be installed flexible sheath.

2. Stiffness effect

The uPVC pipe shall have a firm fixed bracket for each layer of the riser, the fixed bracket can not only control the expansion direction of the pipe, but also can share the weight of the riser, and also make the tube head connected with the riser pipe from the pressure too large, causing the pipeline to rupture and leaking, at the same time the bottom of the riser should also be fixed measures such as pier or hanger.

In outdoor construction, uPVC pipes are particularly vulnerable to damage. In the cross construction of UPVC and outdoor integrated pipe network, artificial and mechanical apparatus can cause different degree of damage to it, even the powder and rupture cause pipeline impassability. When filling the pipe, the uPVC pipe is often damaged by the pressure of the pipe part overhead or by the larger hard material. Therefore, the buried uPVC pipe requires the base to be compacted, there are 100mm below the tube, 300mm backfill sand above the pipe, and the total buried depth not less than 900mm.

3. Building Fire Protection

In China, the research on the flame retardant technology of PVC plastics has a tendency, one-sided pursuit of the improvement of oxygen index, ignoring the study of smoke performance. Statistics show that 79% of the fire was caused by flue gas. Some uPVC tube Oxygen index as high as 50%, but the combustion of smoke is very large, and the temperature of the card is only 70 ℃ a 90 ℃ between. So the uPVC pipe is difficult to burn, but very easy to soften deformation, and smoke very thick, fire, on the one hand, the fatal smoke, on the other hand, the temperature of more than 90 ℃ when the pipeline softened deformation, fire in the pipeline through the spread of the site, and through the roof of the drainage pipe or air duct, the fire spread faster. Therefore, whether the high-rise buildings can be used in uPVC pipe, is a controversial issue, and the focus of controversy is its fire characteristics.

UPVC Pipe has been widely used in high-rise buildings, but not enough attention to the above fire prevention issues, fire special acceptance of the UPVC pipe installation has not been put forward opinions. Because of the current "high-rise building fire Safety design Code" GB 50045-95, "Building drainage with hard PVC pipe" gb/t5836. 1-92 and "Construction and drainage of rigid and PVC pipeline Engineering technical Specifications" CJJ-96 and other norms are not the use of UPVC pipe to specify, so that this issue "no chapter to follow." In the call for national relevant documents issued at the same time, put forward some opinions for the reference of colleagues: (1) rain, sewage and ventilation riser as far as possible along the building outside the wall set. (2) Rain, sewage and ventilation riser in the building, should be set in the pipe well, or brick, concrete blocks, such as the use of non-combustible materials protection. (3) The branch pipe which discharges into the drainage vertical pipe, uses the metal drainage pipe, or to the branch tube adopts the strict fire prevention measure, like steel casing, inorganic fire-proof casing and so on. (4) As far as possible, metal products should be used for drainage fittings.

Problems and application of UPVC pipe

The application field of UPVC pipe:

1, water piping works (including indoor water supply and outdoor municipal water mains), because UPVC plastic pipe has the advantages of acid and alkali proof, corrosion resistance, no rust, no scaling, protection of water quality, avoid water pollution, in vigorously advocating the production of environmental protection products today, as a protection of human health ideal "green building materials", has been widely applied in China and even globally.

2, water-saving Irrigation Piping Project, the use of UPVC sprinkler irrigation system compared with ordinary irrigation, can save water 50%-70%, while saving fertilizer and pesticide dosage, crop yields can be increased by 30%-80%. In China, where water resources are scarce and agricultural production is lagging behind, it has great social benefits to promote the development of water-saving agriculture in China.

3. Construction Piping Engineering.

4, UPVC plastic pipe has excellent insulation capacity, but also widely used as telecommunications cable conduit.

5, uPVC plastic pipe acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, many chemical plants used as infusion piping. Others are also used in shaft sinking engineering, medicine piping Engineering, mineral brine conveying piping engineering, electric piping engineering, etc.

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