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Precautions For Installation Of PE Pipes

PE water supply pipe has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, anti-aging, long service life, light weight and strong anti-seismic ability. The installation of PE water pipes need to be excavated pipe groove, pipe groove excavation should be a straight line, if the pipeline in the underground connection, the need to increase the appropriate width of the interface at the bottom of the groove to facilitate the installation of docking, pipe bottom width should not be less than dn+0.50m.

Manual excavation of the pipe groove, groove bottom to be flat, dense, no sharp objects, if there are super digging, must backfill tamping.

PE water pipe Connection has a hot-melt connection and a fused connection, the hot-melt connection can be divided into hot-melt socket connection and hot-melt docking connection, the electric-melting connection is divided into electro-fusion socket connection and Electric fusion saddle-type connection. PE to the water pipe before installation to check whether the tube to meet the installation requirements, and then look at the pipeline appearance of cracks, abrasions, scratches and so on, such as timely replacement of hidden dangers. In connection with metal pipes, valves, fire hydrants, the steel-plastic transition joint or special flange connection must be used. Piping installation is completed, after the acceptance of the concealed works, should be immediately backfill.

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