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Plum Tube Installation Precautions

(1) pipeline buried in the design requirements and construction operations should be as straight as possible, such as ditch at the end of the flat can be covered with a layer of sand. Before the buried pipe should be removed within the hard material, to prevent pipeline deformation. Start the tube, the porous tube should be reserved 10-15CM in the wells, in order to wear cable. The pipe should be blocked and exposed to the pipe at the manhole. It is forbidden to deposit foreign matter in the pipe.

    (2) the porous plum tube connection will tube-like positioning ribs placed up, the end of the outer wall of the pipe clean, and then directly into the end of the mouth, and then face a thick plank on the pad, with a hammer beat plate, Inserted in place. At the other end of the mouth, insert another pipe directly and insert it in place, so that it is extended to the next person's well. In the actual construction, the length of each pipe is not necessarily the same as the length between the manhole, in this case, according to the actual length of the well, the length of the length of the pipe, and saw with a saw, Must be neatly neatly. After the docking is completed, the end of the hole into the hole required to plug the plug, to prevent foreign body intrusion.

    (3) the initial installation of the use of this product, you can lay the first paragraph of the distance between the two wells do not backfill. With a cable through a hole or two holes, smooth through, and then lay down the next section, it will be more at ease.

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