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PE-Rt Pipe And Fittings For Hot&Cold Water

Product Description

1. Material: PE-RT
2. Size: 20mm-32mm
3. Standard: GB/T18742 and DIN8077/8078
4. Life: 50 years
5. Color: Off-white, white, grey


1. Feature better flexibility, its benting radius reaches less fives times than the outside diameter of pipe, making it more easlier and economical while layout; 

2. Less interior frictional loss, liquid conveyance capacity for pipe is more 30% than diameter-equivalent metallic pipe; 

3. Better chemical reisitance, longer life of use; 

4. Better environmental adaptation, excellent low-temperature cold resistance and nick resistance and expansion resistance capacity; 

5. Smooth interior wall and free from dirt; 

6. Impact-resistance performance is better than PP-R or PEX tube; 

7. Better heat radiation performance, and 0.4wt/m heat tranfer cofficient; 

8. Under normal use, pipe has over 50-year life of safety use. 

Application scope

1. Floor heating system, it is used in facility and system for household living room, bedroom, and public place and so forth; 

2. Apply for site specially needing ground heating pipe. For example. Airport runway and urban trunk snow-melting piping; 

3. Civil residential integral heating; 

4. Drinking water system for cool or hot water supply pipe in building; 

5. Household water heater fitting system and each kind of relevant connection pipe; 

6. Lipuid conveyance piping just like milk, alcohol in foodstuff industry; 

7. Piping used for refirgeration system and water treatment system; 

8. Other industrial piping.

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