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Nine Matters Needing Attention In Winter Construction Of HDPE-carat Tube

In the low-temperature conditions of the pipeline construction, if the improper operation of the pipe can easily lead to rupture, so in order to ensure the quality of the carat tube construction, we should pay attention to what problems? Today all profit management based on years of construction experience, and we talk about the new pipe in the winter construction notice of the things.

A new type of pipe tube in winter construction picture

carat Tube Winter construction notice is as follows:

First, the general pipe at 0° will produce embrittlement phenomenon, to avoid in the low temperature conditions of transport, loading and unloading, installation of construction projects, in the selection of pipe should be avoided the selection of low-pressure thin-walled tube, as far as possible to choose a high pressure grade thick wall tube to improve the safety factor; and all gain carat tube in the 零下60℃ environment pipe will not freeze leaking It's worth considering.

Second, strictly standardize the products to move, transport, loading, unloading management, no throw, fall, roll, drag phenomenon, to prevent damage to the product. Especially in the unloading process must be light, transported to the site to be properly kept, to prevent the pipe and sharp objects contact friction. People must not trample on the pipe, especially in the unloading of thin-walled tube (0.63MPA), to prevent the stampede pipe due to brittle cracking of internal injuries.

Third, the construction as far as possible in 5° construction, trench excavation should take into account the depth of the local frozen soil, pipelines must be buried below the permafrost layer, the pipeline buried depth generally under 1.2~1.5 meters; the width of trench excavation should be treated as outside diameter of pipe, and width of trench is 300 mm. For exposed pipe should be done insulation measures to prevent pipe freezing crack, construction should not be trampled on pipe.

Four, the ditch should be organized and flat, no stones, bricks and other debris, if there are hard things must be added 10cm and fill sand tamping and then pipeline installation and construction. Pipeline construction should be upright and smooth, not arbitrarily oblique twists and turns, such as the pipeline must be bent when the bending angle should be pipe (live sets) each socket to allow bending angle, generally within the 2°, not to appear rigid pipe bending phenomenon.

Five, check the pipe before the damage, special socket and socket end, if there is a timely replacement. Cut angle According to the stipulation (TS Tube: 30-45°, Live casing: 20°). Cannot put the pipe, the piece throws into the ditch, should move lightly to devolve.

Six, the construction process should pay special attention to the trench dug on both sides of the earth, to prevent the excavation of the stones fall into the tunnel impact pipe, another construction after a period of time should be backfill, backfill soil should be good soil, no hard material and pipe contact, pipe on both sides and the above fill the thickness of good soil 20~30cm above.

Seven, pipeline φ110mm above the pipe (elbow, tee, flange end) and the joint must do concrete consolidation to ensure the normal use of pipelines in future.

Eight, the pipeline installation completed to be glued to the site after completely dry solid (about 48 hours, when the proposed extension of less than 10° to 60-96 hours, the import of plastic can be 8 hours to test the water, the length of the test pipeline to 500m, should pay special attention to the temperature rise or after the warm weather test water, strictly prohibited under low temperature test water operation, Pipeline test pressure to ensure that the water temperature in the pipeline with the same temperature at that time, to prevent temperature difference due to the impact of pipeline test pressure quality, can be filled with water after 2-3 days to test pressure. The pipe must be backfill to suppress the test water.

Nine, the inlet, outlet, High point to install the exhaust valve, test pressure, before irrigation, the exhaust valve is all open, and then slowly water injection, the exhaust valve is evenly outflow, from low to high successively closed, When pressurized to 0.2~0.3mpa again exhaust, the residual air is eliminated, and then up to the prescribed pressure value after 1 hours to observe the pressure gauge value, no step-down or step-down range within 0.05MPA for qualified.

If everyone to the carat tube winter construction to pay enough attention to, and strictly control the follow-up work, I believe it will eliminate the production of winter tube burst, to ensure the quality of construction. Thank you for your cooperation and help!

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