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New Packaging For Beverages

It is reported that the international seminar organized by the AINIA Technical Center and the European Fruit Juice Association (AIJN) will present the results of the European PHBOTTLE project. The project developed the first beverage packaging model, a package made from biodegradable plastic extracted from the organic waste residue of the beverage industry.

Drink packaging and new bioplastics won praise

The PHBOTTLE project was initiated by AINIA, supported by the European Fruit Drink Association (AIJN) and handed over to Citresa, Logoplaste Innovation Labs, two laboratories in Portugal and Brazil, Omniform, Sivel, MegaEmpack, TNO Technology Center, Aimplas The company and INTI National University of Science and Technology conduct specific R&D experiments. The PHBOTTLE program aims to study the pollution residues of PHB biodegradable bio-based plastics in production wastewater and its sustainability for the juice industry.

According to relevant data, Europe produces more than 67 million tons of packaging waste each year, of which one-third is municipal solid waste. In developed countries, food packaging accounts for about 60% of the total packaging industry and becomes the main body of municipal waste. Therefore, when it comes to the development of more sustainable packaging products, the food packaging industry has become a hot topic.

For this reason, the first edition took a PHBOTTLE prototype that the research team had spent four years developing and improving. Once launched, it triggered a great deal of interest in the market. The PHBOTTLE project is the first step in the application of bio-based plastic materials in the beverage industry. With its unique "circular economy" concept, it has transformed the entire industry in Europe. First of all, it is very expensive to process the industrial wastewater produced by the production of food packaging, which will also generate a lot of unnecessary energy waste. The recovery of high-value raw materials that can be used from the sewage will effectively reduce the sewage treatment fee and save energy and raw material consumption. Second, the use of biodegradable food packaging materials will reduce energy costs, carbon dioxide emissions, and waste disposal costs.

Secret juice processing industry was selected "inside"

The juice processing industry was chosen because its wastewater is mainly carbohydrates and can be fermented into sugars including glucose, fructose and maltose. Its production wastewater contains 70% of the fermentable sugars, and it has also become a very cheap source of PHB bio-based materials. Products made from this material have moisture resistance, reduced water vapor permeability, insolubility in water, optical purity, and good oxygen barrier properties.

When the fruit juice is oxidized, cellulose is first broken down into sugars and absorbs a lot of heat. PHB's original materials will make the product have a strong antioxidant, and extend the shelf life of juice drinks. After further development and improvement, such materials can even be used in other packaging fields, such as microcapsules. Further research directions and application areas for PHB bio-based materials will be further discussed at this summit. At that time, government departments and innovative companies will express their opinions and contribute their knowledge and strength to provide innovative, sustainable packaging solutions.

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