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Modification Of PA6 To Reduce Water Absorption

What is the principle or the focus of PA6 modified water absorption?

There are roughly three things:

1, the polarity of the shielding effect

By adding a filler, it reacts with polar amide groups, terminal amino groups, and carboxyl groups that absorb water easily in the PA6 molecular chain to shield it and the water absorption rate is significantly decreased.

2, the shielding effect of the crystal area

PA6 is a semi-crystalline material, water molecules can easily enter the amorphous region with large polar groups. The fillers and blended modified materials effectively improve the crystallinity of PA6 modified materials, not only the mechanical properties are improved, but also the water absorption rate. It will also drop significantly.

3, the structure of the shielding effect

In the PA6 modified materials, the PA6 material is a continuous phase, and the filler or surface treatment agent is a dispersed phase. The phase interface between the two is strong, and the non-polar long chain of the filler or the blend material effectively blocks the PA6 material and water molecules. The contact, and thus the water absorption rate decreased significantly.

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