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Methods Of Distinguishing The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Aluminum-plastic Tubes

one look

Through the pipe surface of the surface and the outer surface of the observation, hand touch to identify.

1, the surface of genuine aluminum-plastic pipe products are generally imported words Penma printing, the writing is clear, and trademark identification, manufacturers, addresses and even the general call such as telephone are more clear and true; and fake aluminum plastic pipe surface more words using ordinary printing Machine printing, writing blurred, its manufacturers, logos generally unknown or not marked.

2, genuine aluminum-plastic pipe made of high-quality raw materials, the higher precision of its technology, surface and inner smooth and smooth, smooth and no plaque; and shoddy aluminum-plastic pipe products due to jerry work relatively poor.

3. The wall thickness of genuine aluminum-plastic pipe mouth and aluminum strip is even, the aluminum pipe is closely combined, the quality and thickness of the pipe and aluminum strip can reach the relevant national standards; while the fake and inferior products have larger wall thickness deviation and thin aluminum plate , And the gap between the aluminum pipe overlap.

Second, cut

The pipe is cut into a ribbon shape by a pipe cutter, and the aluminum pipe layer and the PE layer are peeled off by hand. The real aluminum-plastic pipe is a 5-layer composite structure, the aluminum layer and the PE layer are tightly bonded, the aluminum pipe layer and the PE layer are not easily separated by hand; while the fake and shoddy products are cut off because of the jerry-built work, Easily peeled off.

Third, test

Use of small pressure pump pipe pressure testing performance. True plastic tube burst pressure within the high, generally can meet or exceed the requirements of the relevant national norms; and fake and shoddy products, the blasting pressure is generally low or even low, it is difficult to meet the requirements.

Fourth, burn

Use open flame to light pipe. True aluminum-plastic pipe with ultrasonic lap welding or welding mainly based on hydrogen welding, the interface is very close, open fire will not appear after the light aluminum pipe off phenomenon; and fake and shoddy aluminum pipe and other combinations of pipe The aluminum without welding, the interface is not close, there will be shedding aluminum shedding phenomenon.

In addition, the choice to buy aluminum-plastic pipe, the regular manufacturer should choose the production of products, aluminum-plastic pipe to be checked at the same time test reports, certificates and other is complete, and pipe products to verify.

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