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How To Stick The Plastic Pipe And Pipe Fittings?

How to glue plastic pipes and fittings?

1. Pipe, Pipe fittings before the application of dry cloth will be the mouth side and the external side of the socket wipe treatment, when the surface is sticky oil should be wiped clean with acetone.

2. The pipe section should be flat, vertical pipe axis and chamfer treatment; Before gluing should draw the insertion mark and carry on the test to insert, the test inserts the depth only to be able to insert to the original depth the 1/3~1/2, the clearance is greater than is forbidden to use the bonding method.

3. Apply the adhesive, you should first smear the inside of the mouth, after applying the outside of the socket, apply to the mouth should be uniformly applied to the outside evenly apply the right amount, no leakage or smear excessive (200g/m2).

4. After applying the adhesive, it is advisable to keep the external forces applied within 1 minutes and keep the interface straight and position correctly.

5. After the bonding is finished, the excess adhesive will be wiped out in time, and may not be forced or forcibly loaded during the curing period.

6. Bonding joint shall not be in rain or water construction, not in 5 ℃ the following operation.

7. Connection procedure: Prepare → clean working face → try inserting → brush adhesion agent → adhesion → curing.

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