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How To Have The Skill To Buy Compensator?

The compensator is also used to be called expansion Joint, or telescopic joint. The bellows (a kind of elastic element) and the end tube, the bracket, the flange, the conduit and so on are composed of its working main body. belongs to a compensating element. The effective telescopic deformation of the bellows is used to absorb the change of the size caused by the expansion and contraction of pipelines, ducts and containers, or to compensate the axial, transverse and angular displacements of pipelines, ducts and containers. can also be used to reduce noise and vibration. Widely used in modern industry. On heating, in order to prevent heating pipeline from heating up, due to thermal elongation or temperature stress caused by deformation or damage to the pipeline, the need to set up a compensator on the pipeline to compensate for the thermal elongation of the pipe, thereby reducing the stress of the pipe wall and action on the valve or bracket structure.

The compensator adopts rectangular section, rounded angle waveform, and the single expansion joint in the pipe is subjected to two-dimensional direction displacement. The elbow tube comprising 2 expansion joints can withstand three-dimensional direction displacement. The rectangular fillet metal bellows expansion Joint has the full height, the half height type, according to the flue size, the stress strain request the user to be able to select the Wave section.

1, the user selected according to the heat displacement of the pipe system after the selection of the appropriate compensator, at least to provide the flow medium in the pipe, smoke duct design pressure, the highest operating temperature, smoke duct cross-section of the overall size (long, wide) of the selected waveform (all high 216mm, Half height 108mm) and wave number (single ripple unicast number not exceeding 6 wave), in order to make compensator structure design and manufacture.

2, the maximum allowable expansion per wave: All high type α=±24mm half high type α=±12mm.

3, Block Ash board: the duct or less dust pipe can not be used, to the dusty flue should be used file Gray board.

4, in order to reduce the wave number of corrugated pipe, should consider cold pull 50%.

5, the compensator is suitable for the section area is less than 4.6 square meters and the smoke air duct contour size has one side is less than 1.5m but is bigger than 0.6mm the occasion. The standard full height ripple compensator is suitable for all flue gas ducts.

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