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How To Buy Aluminum Plastic Pipe?

There are several ways to do this:

Impact method: Random selection of a section of aluminum-plastic composite pipe, with more hard things to impact, the pipe surface will appear curved, if deformation to rupture, it is inferior; deformation surface can not be restored, the general texture, deformation can be immediately restored to the original, then the high-quality aluminum-plastic tube.

Visual method: High quality aluminum-plastic tube color/Spray Code uniformity, no chromatic aberration, roundness less than 0.1; the middle aluminum layer interface is tight, no rough traces, smooth/smooth inside and outside surface, can not have obvious scratches/sag/bubble/dead material/converge line.

Touch method: Take a section of aluminum-plastic pipe square vertical cut, with a finger into the tube, high-quality pipe mouth smooth, no texture feeling;

Contrast method:

1, raw material comparison, at present, the domestic market high-quality aluminum-plastic composite pipe PE materials are from abroad, such as the United States, South Korea, if the raw materials from recycling materials can not be guaranteed.

2, in kind contrast, take different brands of aluminum-plastic tube from the above several aspects of comparison, so as to achieve the preferred selection.

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