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How Many Lines Can A PVC Threaded Tube Wear?

PVC pipe is a kind of plastic pipe, in modern industry in the civil industry are widely used, PVC has an important application, which is used as a stringing pipe for the wiring in the home, and many consumers have issued a question, a PVC pipe used in the wiring arrangement, which need to wear how many wires are more appropriate?

When the PVC pipe as a flame-retardant plastic pipe, the number of threading is certain, that is, 20mm diameter PVC pipe can be worn into 4 power cords; the diameter of 16mm PVC pipe can be worn into 3 power cords, more than the power line will affect the normal work of the power circuit. PVC pipe requires a strong connection, no gap exists, the top of the house layout PVC pipe, PVC pipe and wall should be fixed, PVC pipe into the line, should be connected with the wire box lock.

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