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How Many Kinds Of Drainage Pipes?

How many kinds of drainage pipes?

1, pp, formerly known as polypropylene, is a special used for drainage pipe materials. Its main characteristics are high hardness, heat resistance, no aging, and the density is relatively small.

2, PVC, commonly known as polyethylene vinyl, is a kind of polymer materials. It is also one of the most unique drainage materials.

3, PE, commonly known as polyethylene, specializes in building water supply, drainage, gas pipelines, heating, electrical, agricultural and industrial materials.

4, plastic, in fact, is a kind of and resin as the basis, add a variety of auxiliary agents, fillers and reinforcement materials, etc., in a certain technical process, processing molding a solid material.

5, stainless steel, as the name implies is a steel pipe will not rust, mainly used for conveying fluids, such as water, oil, neat, gas and so on.

6, PB Tube: (1) durability can be good, non-toxic harmless: Because it is high-density polymer, the molecular structure is stable, the service life can reach 50-100 years, and non-toxic harmless, do not take place chemical reaction, (2) Antifreeze heat resistance good: In the case of-20 ℃, have good low-temperature impact resistance, pipe will not freeze, thaw, The tubing can be restored to its original shape and can withstand temperatures below 100 ℃.

7, PPR tube: The current relatively perfect water pipe, non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, hot-melt seamless connection, can be used for hot and cold water pipes, can also be buried. PP-R pipe due to the use of dissolved technology in the construction, it is also known as hot melt pipe.

What conditions are required to use an outdoor drain?

1. Smooth inner wall with corrosion resistance and scour resistance.

2, a certain degree of mechanical strength, withstand from the soil and the ground load capacity.

3, impermeability ability. Outdoor drainage pipe commonly used include: concrete pipe, reinforcing steel pipe, drainage cast iron pipe, rigid PVC pipe, with glazed gangwashi pipe, and so on, the pipe diameter of more than 400 of the concrete pipe, and often used in the rain sewage system.

Advantages of Outdoor Drains

1. Good performance. Corrosion resistance, high impact strength, small fluid resistance, anti-aging, long service life, is a building drainage, chemical sewage ideal material.

2. Easy installation. Only 1/7 of the same caliber cast iron pipe can greatly speed up the project progress and reduce the construction cost.

3. The inner wall is smooth and not easy to block. The inspection port design is unique, the inspection operation is convenient, does not need any thing.

4. Economic benefits. The use of uPVC drains is lower than the comprehensive cost and maintenance cost of the cast iron pipe with the same specification.

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