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Family Room Decoration How To Choose The Right PE Pipe

Aluminum-plastic composite pipe loss of small, plate Tauis transport, can be arbitrarily tailored, easy to install, construction convenience. But the accessories are pure copper, the price is expensive, the copper part inner diameter is smaller than the aluminum-plastic compound pipe diameter, the aperture flow is small, and installs is not good meets the expansion and contraction easily leaks. Pipeline is susceptible to other professional construction process damage, repair waste parts, high cost. Aluminum plastic tube is high density polyethylene aluminum, polyethylene melting point of 140 ℃, so its long-term high-temperature performance, its supporting use of the card sleeve nut type and steel sleeve clamp pressure-type pipe fittings, as long as the correct installation, high degree of reliability.

PP-R pipe: The PP-R pipe is built to the drainage industry as a green, reliable pipe. PP-R pipe pipe is also pp-r material, compared with the aluminum-plastic composite pipe, the cost is lower, and the pipe fitting is installed in the outside of the pipe, so that flow is not reduced. But the PP-R tube should not be long dangling, every 50cm or so to set a fixed bracket, otherwise easy droop, bending. In addition to pure pp-R tube, there is now a kind of pp-R aluminum tube, the pipe pipe with the PP-R tube, but the same as the performance of aluminum-plastic tube, the cost is lower than the aluminum-plastic composite pipe, and anti-aging and strength of good, long hanging not sag, bending.

It is understood that the PP-R tube due to the molecular characteristics of polypropylene itself, whether imported or domestic, there are high temperature resistance and linear expansion coefficient of large and other shortcomings. Therefore, the Ministry of Construction [2001] Years of 54th documents express the long-term operating temperature of PP-R tube can not exceed 70 ℃, and its hot-melt connection process is more complex, push-connect easy to produce a heap defect zone, resulting in stress concentration, affecting the long-term performance of the pipeline. Therefore, in the purchase, do not easily entrust the hydraulic or some unqualified decoration company, purchase to pay attention to the actual product origin, trademarks and after-sales service guarantee.

PE tube: PE pipe Structure single, comprehensive performance than aluminum-plastic tube, mainly used for warm water pipes, warm facilities generally by the builders do, home decoration generally not used to PE tube.

PVC-U Tube: PVC-U pipe connection mode for adhesive, when hot, easy to fall off open, only applicable to underground pipelines or buried pipelines, if used for large-caliber high pressure pipe, must design special support, especially the corner, the impact of the flow on the turn of the great damage. When the water pipe is not recommended to use PVC-u tube, but threading tube is generally flame-retardant PVC plastic flat tube (PVC thread tube).

Copper tube: The sanitary performance of copper tube is superior, but the cost is very high. Copper pipe Connection mode has welding (pipe fittings with tin without tin), pipe fittings (two types of pipe fittings, one is the hoop-type, one is the tooth occlusion, Rubber ring seal). The pipeline is easily damaged by subsequent construction or two repairs. ' I love my home ' tips: Home decoration people tend to ignore the water supply pipe and pipe diameter choice, check in later found that there are many problems, such as pipe leakage damage decoration, water pressure is not enough to start, and so on. Therefore, from the life of the pipe to consider the best choice of copper hose or better quality aluminum-plastic composite pipe, pipe diameter should be 20 mm or above, connecting a faucet pipe can not be less than 15 mm caliber, otherwise there will be water pressure and the flow of noise problems. If the choice of aluminum-plastic composite pipe card accessories, should pay attention to its actual inside diameter and increase the diameter of 2-3 mm, such as the branch pipe diameter of 2025 specifications, and the director should be 2532 specifications, to ensure that more than two taps at the same time water.

Water pipe: To meet the health needs, the sanitary indicators of water pipes must be in line with national standards to use. But the cleanliness of the water is not entirely dependent on the quality of the pipeline pollution, but also to see if the pipeline can withstand the external air oxygen to the pipe wall infiltration. Long-term oxygen infiltration is easy to breed bacteria, scale, long Moss in the pipeline, thus polluting the water quality. Experts suggest that the purchase of household plastic pipe, it is best to ask the Merchant for product quality report, do not buy a cheap purchase without factory name, the site of PE pipe.

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