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Encourage More Use Of Plastic Tubing In Buildings

 According to the tenth five-plan and planning by 2010, the development of Chinese chemical building materials will promote the use of plastic pipes, especially PVC and PE products. By 2010 years ago, the use of plastic pipes in new, rebuilt and extended projects would reach 80%; the utilization rate of plastics pipes in urban sewer systems would reach 30%; the utilization rate of plastic pipes in construction water supply, hot water supply and heating piping system will reach 80%, and the urban water supply system is lower than DN400

  MM Plastic pipe use rate is 70%, suburban water supply system plastic pipe utilization rate is also 70%; City gas pipeline (medium and low pressure pipeline) the use rate of plastic pipe is 60%, the construction of wire protection pipe type of plastic pipe utilization rate will be as high as 90%.

  Plastic tubing will be widely used in China, such as water supply and sewer, heating, gas and water systems in city buildings, water systems in urban construction projects, renovation of suburban drinking water equipment, agricultural irrigation systems, power telecommunications and other sectors. In recent years, China's plastic pipe industry has maintained a high growth momentum. The use of plastic pipes in 2003 exceeded 1.5 million tonnes, an increase of 15% from the previous year. The production capacity of plastic tubing is estimated at about 350 tonnes, up 28.2% from the previous year. Production of more than 10,000 tons of manufacturers have more than 70, of which 20 of the production of more than 50,000 tons, 10 of the production reached 100,000 tons.

  Plastic pipe exports reached 87,000 tonnes in 2003, up 43.7% from the previous year. The extensive use of plastic tubing was developed on the basis of China's energy conservation and environmental policies. According to forecasts, the demand for plastic pipes will increase significantly in 2004 years, especially in rural areas such as urbanization, residential construction, heating, urban and rural water supply and sewerage systems, and farming.

  Demand is expected to grow by more than 10%. In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the western development, the Shanghai World Expo and other background, the use of plastic pipe will be more widely promoted.

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