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Domestic Plastic Bottles, Glass Bottles Industry Should Establish A Competition Mechanism

From Zhuhai Zhongfu to Shanghai Zijiang to Shandong Yaobo and Shandong Lipeng, we can see that plastic bottles, glass bottles and bottle caps are tiny industries that gestate a huge market. In addition to the several large listed companies mentioned above, there are thousands of small-scale or individual bottle-making companies in China.

Although the current bottle-making industry has experienced many years of development, it is already very mature. When the industry is basically in the stage of generation processing, there are few brand enterprises. Plastic bottles and glass bottles are also mainly mimicking each other and lacking in design and innovation capabilities. The entire industry mainly depends on prices for competition. Let's take a look at the overseas packaging industry. Every year, we hold various large and small competitions. Every year, there are many plastic bottles and glass bottle design products that stand out from these competitions. In the country, it lacks such an atmosphere. We rarely find novel products that have breakthroughs and breakthroughs in domestic plastic bottles and glass bottle manufacturers. These need to establish a certain mechanism to guide.

For the current plastic bottle and glass bottle market, it can be said that a large industry has been formed, and we need related associations and departments to strengthen industry innovation guidance and promote the industry transformation and upgrading.

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