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Domestic Plastic Additives Industry Should Enhance Competitive Advantage

At present, this entire plastics additive industry is the industry's competitive landscape. First of all, from a global perspective, it should be said that some of the leading plastics additives companies like us have heard of BASF, ExxonMobil, Rohm and Haas and Dow. The chemical companies are all engaged in the production of plastic additives. These companies should say that the competitive strength is far ahead of these companies in our country. Moreover, these companies in China are all based on foreign mature products or mature process routes. And improvement, so the technical strength is relatively weak, relatively speaking, the overall strength is relatively strong, so many companies are mostly leading in certain product industries, like Nike Chemical or Ruifeng may be in the anti-biotic improvement and processing additives inside the subdivision industry The leader.

From the perspective of industrial development, it should be said that the current international companies are upgrading their comprehensive competitiveness through strong alliances or mergers and acquisitions. For example, in 2009, BASF, the leading company in the plastics auxiliaries for plastics additives, acquired the BASF, which was used by Luomen. Haas was acquired by Dow Chemical. After such two to three years of consolidation, it should be said that these international giants and international leading companies have completed the integration of internal resources. Therefore, domestic companies or the entire plastics additives industry should say the future. The competitive landscape should be even more intense.

From the perspective of this industry competition, there are obvious differences between domestic and foreign competition in these products, such as plasticizers and flame retardants, which are relatively traditional, or domestic products that have certain advantages in China. There is no obvious competitive advantage, as relatively new areas in the field of antioxidants or stabilizers, domestic companies do very well, so domestic companies in these areas are relatively small scale, and do not form a complete industrial chain, so this This type of competitive strength is very poor, as these areas are where foreign companies have a competitive advantage. They may develop through this new product, or acquisitions will continue to increase the competitiveness of these products and domestic companies will actually form a differentiated competition. This is probably possible. It is the overall competitive landscape of the additive industry.

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