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Direct Electroless Or Electroplated Plastic Technology

The development of plastics that can be electrolessly plated or electroplated has always been a common desire in both the macromolecule and surface treatment fields. Now this technology has become a reality.

    The earliest attempt was to disperse metal powders such as iron and aluminum on plastic surfaces. Especially thermosetting plastics, such as phenolic resins. Metal powders can also be added to epoxy resins to obtain resin products that can catalyze electroless plating or even direct electroplating.

    Directly catalyzed electroless plating does not completely eliminate the pretreatment process. Instead, it is still necessary to properly remove the oil stain and expedite the metal powder by suitable treatment, such as treating the surface containing iron powder with hydrochloric acid, treating the aluminum-containing surface with nitric acid, and the like.

    The plasticity and fluidity of the plastic added with the metal powder will be reduced, and its dispersion performance is also not very good. Therefore, it has been developed to form reactive groups on the surface of plastics, which in turn adsorb metal ions to make the surface catalytically active. This has been used in the manufacture of printed boards. A thermosetting allyl-dimethyl-phenylene ether resin (8- to 0-one can be sulfonated with sulfuric acid followed by coarsening with potassium permanganate and sodium hydroxide to exchange sulfo groups as cations. The group attracts eight surfaces, so that it can adsorb copper ions.This plastic with surface catalytic activity is immersed in 0.051X101/1 copper sulfate solution in the 5 paw XII, and then in 0.0111101/[NaBN reduction solution Dipping 10 & 11, you can get copper electroless copper plating.

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