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Consumer Demand Climbs. Modified Plastic Technology Needs Upgrading

1. PP stone powder or mica/borax: It is generally used to produce heat-resistant modified PP. Mainly used in the housing of small home appliances, such as irons, rice cookers, etc.

2, PP calcium carbonate: This modification is actually not called modification, because adding calcium carbonate is only capacity increase, there is no improvement in the physical properties of the material, on the contrary, the material's toughness and strength is reduced, but fortunately, the process fluidity has little effect. Calcium carbonate is mainly added to reduce costs.

3, PP POE or EVA: This type of modification is mainly to enhance the toughness and impact resistance of PP, sports equipment, auto parts (such as car bumpers) can be used.


4, PP flame retardant: flame retardant material, mainly used in electrical accessories, instrumentation shell.

In recent decades, the people’s consumption level has been greatly improved with the rapid economic growth. The consumption upgrade has brought China's auto and construction industries into a period of rapid expansion. With the continuous improvement of people's performance requirements for plastics, China is becoming the largest potential market for global modified plastics and a major demand growth driver. We all know that ordinary plastics often have their own characteristics and defects. The properties of PP-modified plastics are to change the properties of plastics. The modified plastic parts can not only achieve the strength properties of some steel materials, but also have a series of advantages such as light weight, rich colors, and easy molding.

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