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Chinaplas Showcases Cutting-edge Technology In The World

The market is increasingly demanding for high-quality molds and special films. Their applications have been extended to more diverse fields such as automotive, electronic information and appliances, packaging, medical care, and construction. "CHINAPLAS 2013" closely follows the development trend of the market, setting up a "film technology zone" and increasing the area of the "mold and processing equipment area" to meet the needs of buyers from different industries, and is committed to creating a full range of Efficient procurement platform.

During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the output and quality of China's manufacturing industry rose steadily, especially the rapid development of the automotive and electronics manufacturing industries, which further enhanced the domestic enterprises' requirements for mold technology and mold manufacturing equipment. At present, China's plastic molds account for about 30% of the entire mold industry, and its annual production value reached 53.4 billion yuan. It is expected that the development of plastic molds will become more vigorous in the coming years, and the proportion of total molds will also gradually increase. In order to meet the eager demand of the market, "CHINAPLAS 2013 International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition" has increased the area of "mold and processing equipment". Compared with the previous edition, the area will increase by 18%. The zone is located in Hall 3.2, Hall 4.2 and Hall 4.2, and there will be many well-known mold exhibitors, including Longji, Yibin Push Mold, Huangyan Sino, Jingcheng Mold, Master, Willow Road, Hatch, More than 200 Chinese and foreign exhibitors such as Maxford, Hardshell, Zhejiang Keda, Shanghai Plastics Hot Runner, Zeiss Optical Instruments, Huangyan Huida Molding and Hexagon Measurement, and the Die & Mould Industry Association of Hong Kong Mould Association and Taiwan The Hong Kong and Taiwan Pavilions, respectively, formed to display a wide range of molds and processing equipment, such as blow molds, CAD-CAM, extrusion dies, hot runner systems, mold removal equipment, mold clamping systems, and strong couplings. Injection molds and compression molds, mold fixing equipment, mold standard parts, mold structures, and mold steels, etc., are believed to bring about more solutions for improving the product performance and improving the competitiveness of mold users.

In addition, thin film technology and products have been widely applied in all walks of life. Except for agriculture and packaging industry, they have been extended to the medical, electronics, telecommunications, photovoltaic and construction industries, and the global demand for plastic film has also continuously increased. The China Plastics Processing Industry Association pointed out that in 2011, the growth rate of China's plastic product output and export volume was more than 20% in comparison with 2010. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics of China, last year, the output of plastic film in China accounted for 15.41% of the total plastic products, which was 8.436 million tons. In view of this, "CHINAPLAS 2013" will add a new "Thin Film Technology Zone", located in the 8.1 hall of the Zone A of the exhibition hall, to showcase a series of cutting-edge thin film manufacturing technologies to cater to the needs of a large number of potential buyers. To help them search for high-tech thin film production equipment and production lines, such as blown film extrusion lines, flat film extrusion lines, film/filament stretching lines, film tension measuring equipment, slitting and rewinding Machine, winding winding equipment, extrusion film production line auxiliary equipment, film printing machinery, laminating/coating machinery, film other processing technology, etc. There will be many well-known film companies, including Shanghai Kunzhong, Sanxia Precision Machinery, Hanwang, Kunxin, Shang Hong, Macro, Brampton, Andritz, Atlas, Black Lawson, Rajoo, ESOPP, Bobst, HCH, Shui On Everbright, Foshan Tekler and others will attract more buyers interested in the plastic film market to visit and purchase. In addition, related exhibits of the film are also exhibited in the "Plastic Packaging and Blow Molding Machinery Zone."

Asia and the world's second "CHINAPLAS 2013 International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition" (the 27th China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition) will be held on May 20-23, 2013 in Guangzhou, China The trade fair hall was grandly held. The scale of the exhibition will reach new heights, with an estimated area of over 220,000 square meters, occupying a total of 25 exhibition halls in Area A and B of the exhibition hall, an increase of 22% over the 2011 exhibition held in Guangzhou. In addition, Chinese and foreign exhibitors from 36 countries and regions, and pavilions from 12 countries and regions, including Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States, will Hand in hand to display a wide range of chemical raw materials and more than 3,200 rubber and plastic machinery.

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