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Can Use Waste Biomass As Plastic Composite Material

China produces 46 kilograms of plastic annually

Jinping Jin made a popular science lecture titled "Research Progress in the Innovation of Macromolecule Material Processing and Molding Equipment". He said that China’s plastics industry currently ranks first in the world in terms of output, and in addition to its own use, it also exports a lot. In 2011, the output value of China's plastics industry reached 1.61 trillion, with a per capita of more than 46 kilograms. “The plastics industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the manufacturing industry. The national statistics of 1.61 trillion yuan are purely plastic products processing. We haven’t counted the plastics in toys, automobiles, and home appliances.” Among them, Guangdong's plastic output value. Has been maintained at about 1/4 of the country, has formed a relatively complete industrial chain of plastic machinery represented by the Pearl River Delta.

However, Jinping Jin believes that China's plastics industry has a "big but not strong" problem, mainly due to the fact that plastics machinery is mostly dominated by low-end and high-end products, and it is relatively weak in the international market, especially in the high-end market. For example, although China's plastic products export a large amount, but high-precision products still need to be imported from abroad. “We compared the import and export data, and the lowest average import price was 3.5 times the average export price. The average unit price of imported plastic calenders reached a maximum of 57 times the average export price.”

Can use waste biomass instead of plastic

"A lot of oil is made of synthetic polymer materials. The price of polymer materials is the price of plastics. It will fluctuate with fluctuations in oil prices. One day when oil is used up, we need to find alternatives." Jin Ping said, "Saving 1 ton of plastic is equivalent to saving 5 tons of crude oil, so try to think of ways to use renewable resources."

Jin Jinping introduced that silk can be used as a polymer material, but the cost will be a bit high. "The requirements for brackets, medical kits, outdoor railings, and garden facilities are not as high as they can be, and they can be done with waste biomass as much as possible."

Plant fibers are also a substitute, “The structure of the plant fiber will change after flash explosion, and then use a small amount of plastic compounding, the plastic accounts for 20%-30%, and the waste plant fiber accounts for 70%-80%. This can be solved in a short time. The oil crisis is a good way, but I believe that with the development of technology, one day we will not need to get plastic from oil."

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