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Building PVC Pipe Development Opportunities

The construction industry is the pillar industry in the development of our country. Hot spots and new squeeze growth points. Residential construction has become China's new consumption of 80% of the use of plastic pipes to 2010, China's new residential indoor PVC pipe, Tsuen this eliminated the traditional cast iron pipe. Building wire threading 90% of the use of plastic pipe, wall 50% of the use of plastic pipes, indoor water supply pipes and heating pipes using flexible plastic pipe ratio of 30% and 20%. Urban water supply pipe priority to use the following 400mm plastic pipe, its use rate of 50%, 80% of villages and towns water pipeline using plastic pipe. The use of plastic pipes in urban gas pipelines is 20%, and the use of plastic pipes in urban drainage pipelines is 15%. By 2010, China's urbanization level will reach 45%, tap water penetration rate will reach 95% (villages and towns will reach 65%), gas penetration rate will reach 90%. By 2010, the plastic pipe in the national pipeline market share will reach 50%, construction plastic pipe according to its use can be divided into: drainage pipes, water pipes, rain pipe (rain pipe), gas pipe (gas pipe) and electrical sets tube.

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