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Application Of Heat Treatment For Mould Parts

The heat treatment technology of modern mold parts has become a knowledge-intensive technology with multidisciplinary knowledge integration and multiple technologies integrated. In particular, information technology based on computer science has become a powerful tool for acquiring knowledge and transforming it into application technology. It will certainly promote the rapid development of heat treatment technology. The


         The intelligent sealed box furnace automatic production line equipped with a dynamic carbon potential control computer system has been operated at 7000 furnaces in Zhejiang Auto Gear Factory, all of which are Class I products. These examples are just preliminary attempts to apply information technology to transform the traditional heat treatment industry, but it is possible to see its superiority and huge potential. It can be expected that the heat treatment intelligent technology will be developed and improved at a rate that people would not expect, and the use of information to promote intelligent heat treatment is the only way to do a good job of heat treatment in the new era.


         Then the CAE software and computer control technology were combined to develop a computer dynamic carbon potential control technology. As long as the on-site operator enters the components and technical requirements of the workpiece to be processed, the computer control system can automatically generate the optimal carburizing process, automatically complete the carburizing process control, and carry out the carburized layer concentration distribution according to the real-time sampling values throughout the production process. The computer simulation can reflect and eliminate in real time the effects of various deviations and accidental factors on the carburizing results, so that the whole is in a de facto optimization state, and finally obtains the required optimal carburized layer concentration promulgation curve. The quality and reproducibility of carburizing shortened the carburizing time. The dynamic carbon potential control technology was applied to the high-speed heavy-duty gear (4600kW, 6000r/min) carburizing treatment of the large-scale boiler feedwater pump, eliminating the operation of the tooth surface. Contact fatigue and broken tooth accidents. The

         In this situation, in addition to the current production and daily technical work, the heat treatment engineering and technical personnel must pay attention to the application of information technology to transform and upgrade the heat treatment technology, which requires the efforts to learn the knowledge of other disciplines, and absorb various high and new technologies. To reform and upgrade heat treatment technology, it is necessary to study other disciplines' knowledge, draw on various high and new technological achievements, be good at applying information technology to realize the integration of multidisciplinary knowledge and technology integration, and promote the technological innovation of heat treatment.

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