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Analysis Of The Practical Application Of PE Pipe In Water Supply And Sewerage System

With the acceleration of the urbanization process in China and the enormous pressure of population, resources and environment, in order to ensure the sustainable development of the national economy, our government has increased the investment in urban infrastructure, the construction of municipal public pipelines has been speeding up, the varieties and specifications are constantly being enriched Especially the development of plastic pipe faster, become a hot investment.

1933 British ici first discovered PE. Developed, PE is produced by a variety of technology, with a variety of structures and characteristics and a variety of uses of the series of resin, has accounted for the world's synthetic resin production of One-third, ranked first. One of the best uses of PE is that it can be used to produce conveying acid, the pipe of any medium outside the strong alkali, according to the foreign data spinning meter, the current World Water supply pipeline Field PE pipe's annual consumption amount is about 1 million tons, widely used in water supply, gas transportation, sewage, agricultural irrigation, mine fine particle solid conveying, as well as oil field, Chemical and postal communications and other fields.

The national Chemical building Materials Industry ' XV ' plan and 2010 development Plan outline, pointed out: the application of plastic pipe mainly to upv-c and PE pipe mainly. By 2005, in the national new construction, alteration, expansion process, building drainage pipe 70% using plastic pipe 50%, building water, hot water supply and heating pipe 60% using plastic pipe, urban water supply pipe 50% using plastic pipe, village water supply pipeline 70% using plastic pipe, The city gas pipeline 20% uses the plastic pipe, the wire protects the casing 80% to adopt the plastic pipe.

First, the water supply and drainage system engineering pipe types and technical, economic and other aspects of comparison:

(i) Types of pipelines

Water supply and drainage system engineering mainly include: Polyethylene pipe (PE), steel pipe, spherical ink pipe, gray cast iron pipe, cement pipe, FRP sand pipe, upv-c pipe and so on.

(1) Polyethylene pipe (PE)

Polyethylene is divided into high-density polyethylene (HDPE), medium density polyethylene (MDPE) and low-density polyethylene tube (LDPE) according to its density. The polyethylene pipe can be divided into single layer solid wall pipe, double wall corrugated pipe and spiral winding pipe according to different structure form. Double-wall corrugated pipe and spiral winding pipe are mainly made of HDPE raw materials, mainly used in urban drainage, Single-layer solid wall HDPE mainly used in urban water supply, urban gas transportation, single-layer solid wall MDPE pipe is mainly used in urban gas transportation, single layer of solid LDPE tube is used extensively as agricultural irrigation and drainage pipelines and industrial ordinary pipelines.

(2) FRP Sand pipe

FRP Sand pipe is a short glass fiber centrifugal or long glass filament winding, the middle sand technology production, the pipe wall slightly thick, the circumferential stiffness is large, can be used to withstand internal and external pressure buried pipeline, pipe diameter can be from diameter 500~ diameter 2600 mm, FRP sand pipe is brittle, only applicable to large diameter, and in the construction process, Mechanical collision is easy to occur injury, and injury is not easy to find, affecting service life.

(3) Rigid polyethylene tube upv-c tube

Upv-c tube has high impact resistance and chemical resistance. It can vary according to usage requirements, in the process of adding different additives to meet the different requirements of physical and chemical properties, upv-c tube has a long life, good sealing characteristics, but upv-c tube in the process of the heavy metal stabilizer, in the use of the process will gradually seep, affecting the water.

(4) Steel pipe

The biggest defect of steel pipe is short life, strong corrosive, bad sealing, easy to leak, and high price, and poor adaptability to surface uneven settlement.

(5) Ball ink Tube

The ball ink tube cost is high, the average price is higher than PE Tangui 10%~15%, the connection angle is too big to cause leakage easily.

(6) Gray cast iron pipe

Grey cast iron tube has short life, large friction coefficient, bad sealing and easy leakage.

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