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All Kinds PVC Pipes/Tubes/Ducts PVC Pipe Schedule 40

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: PVC

  • Kind: Thermoplastics Pipes

  • Contraction Percentage: 2.0%~5.0%

  • Sizes: From 1/2" to 4"

  • Certificate: Ce ISO9001

  • Price: Competitive Price

  • MOQ: 5000 M

  • Trademark: SAM-UK

  • Specification: From 1/2′′ to 4′′

  • HS Code: 39174000

  • Material: PVC

  • Water Absorption: <0.01%

  • Tensile Strength: (41~50)MPa

  • Color: White, Gray, Ect

  • Delivery Time: 30 Days After Deposit

  • Transport Package: Nylon Bag

  • Origin: Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China

Product Description

all kinds pvc pipes/tubes/ducts pvc pipe schedule 40


Product Description



ItemPVC Pipe
ModelII - PVC Pipe
MaterialPVC-U, PPR, CPVC
ColorWhite and gray for PVC, green, grey, white and blue for PPR
StandardSCH40, SCH80, ASTM D1785, BS3505, DIN8061
MachinesInjection machines
Working PlacePVC -15°-55°, PPR-20°-90°, CPVC -20°-100°
WarrantyAt least 50 years
Delivery time30-45 days after deposite, according to customers requirement
MOQ5000 Meters PVC Pipe




PVC inside (mm)SIZEDiameter CNS standardJIS standardDIN standardANSIBS
(inch)Outside diameter (mm)Wall thickness (mm)Outsidewall diameter (mm)Wall thickness (mm)Outsidewall diameter (mm)Wall thickness (mm)Outside diameter (mm)Outside diameter (mm)
103/8 "18±0.22.2±0.618±0.22.5±0.216±0.2
151/2 "22±0.22.7±0.622±0.23.0±0.320±0.23.0±0.321.3421.34
203/4 "26±0.22.7±0.626±0.23.0±0.325±0.23.0±0.326.6726.67
251 "34±0.23.2±0.632±0.23.5±0.332±0.23.5±0.433.433.4
321+1/4 "42±0.33.2±0.638±0.33.5±0.340±0.23.5±0.442.1642.16
401+1/2 "48±0.43.6±0.848±0.44.0±0.450±0.24.0±0.448.2648.26
502 "60±0.54.1±0.860±0.54.5±0.463±0.34.5±0.460.3260.32
652+1/2 "76±0.54.1±0.876±0.54.5±0.475±0.34.5±0.473.0273.02
803 "89±0.55.1±0.889±0.55.9±0.490±0.35.9±0.488.988.9
1004 "114±0.66.6±1.0114±0.67.1±0.5110±0.37.1±0.5114.3114.3



Production Capacity

Product Line NameProduction Line Capacity
PVC Pipe4, 000 Tons Per Year 


Export Market Distribution 


MarketTotal Revenue (%)
South America10.0
MID East2.0
Western Europe1.0
Central America2.0
Domestic Market10.0 


Production Machinery 


Machine NameBrand & Model No. QuantityNumber of Year(s) UsedCondition
Injection machineHAIXING244.0Acceptable
Extruding machineHUADE244.0Acceptable
Mixing machineSRL-Z23.0Acceptable
Sealing machineSF-B103.0Acceptable
NC latheCJK064023.0Acceptable 



  • PVC Pipe is low in wasted energy, it's 70 KJ/m3, steel is more than 4.5 times than PVC. It's fit the philosoply that advocating green earth and energy conservation

  • Inside of PVC Pipe is smooth, can't get tuberculation, water rate is 0.009 faster than rough factor, but lower than other material pipe. It can save about 20% electricity by using transfusion. 

  • PVC Pipe has good function of mechanics and stands corrosive nature, light and easy to install, don't need to maintain. The usage life for at least 50 years, it's about 2.5 time than metal pipe. 

  • PVC Pipe can save 16-37% in installation and service fee than iron pipe. As conduit can save 30-33% than metal conduit. Using in hot and cold water, can save 23-44% that use the same size of brass pipe. 

  • Water dissolve teat approves that PVC Pipe can not affect the water quality, it's the best choice for the water



Instructions for using PVC-u water supply pipe adhesive

PVC Solvent Cement is mono-component solvent glue with vinyl polymer as main material and is special adhesive for bonding hard PVC. When PVC-U product surface coated with adhesive, it will swell. If seal with another PVC product, it can make the surface of PVC molecular produce mutual soluble adhesion effect. After being solvent evaporation, the junction surface will adhesive together.  


The quantity of pipe socket for 500ml adhesive is in the following table 


Pipe diameter














Bongding number
















The effect of the adhesive joint has a close relationship with the construction condition.  


  • Ensure the joint surface to be dry, clean and oil-free. Otherwise the adhesive strength will reduce. 

  • Press on the adhesive face will improve the adhesive strength. 

  • Adhesive strength increase with time. IX place in 5-10 minutes, have intensity in 2-3 hours, reach usage intensity after 24 hours. 

  • When the temperature is higher, adhesive solvent evaporation speed fast. The adhesive strength also increase fast. It is the opposite when the temperature is low. So for bonding construction of large diameter pipes, adhesive and socket connection speed should be fast, in order to avoid the splice adhesive has dried up. 

  • The amount of the adhesive will affect the bonding quality of the pipes. The less usage of adhesive will cause the adhesive incomplete and leakage. Too much will causesolvent evaporation slow and even the compression performance reduce. For PVC adhesive is PVC strong solvent, the excess adhesive flowing into pipes will cause two aspects influence: One is to cause serious corrosion, resulting the pipe rupture in the process of test the water or usage. The second is that it will form certain water resistance in the pipe.  



  • Had better use PVC-u drinking water adhesive. Because PVC-u drinking water adhesiveDoesn't contain any toxic substances. It can ensure drinking water safe. 

  • Smear the adhesive in appropriate amount. Too much adhesive will corrode the pipes and reduce the pressure- resistant properties. 



Packaging & Shipping 



MOQ: 5, 000 Meters PVC Pipe

Delivery Time: 30-45 days after deposite, according to customers requirement

Packaging: Inner Boxes And Cartons, 300PCS/Box, As customer's requrie. 

Shipping: By sea, air or by express  



Our Services 


  • Communication: Customers interest in our products, discuss price, check sample quality

  • Negotiation: Talking about the sizes, quantity, and other details

  • Ordering: Settle down and place order to us

  • Producing: After orders, we start productions at once

  • Packing: While products come out of machines then packed

  • Delivery: Everything gets ready, place the ship, send to dock, to be shipped 

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