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Affect The Price Of Pvc Tube Factors

PVC pipe prices affect the main factors is the price of raw materials, grain industry into the era of high cost support has been no doubt that the industry profits have been greatly compressed at this time the price of goods will usually be the same with its production costs and PVC production process route A relatively low price of raw materials, the price of raw materials will have a greater impact on the price of PVC pipe.

PVC pipe prices such as 2005 in the first half of 2008? Oil prices have been running high calcium carbide production process of PVC production costs lower due to the main domestic calcium carbide mainly lead to PVC prices did not follow the ethylene, crude oil prices rose simultaneously. The same reason the second half of 2008 so far because of coal price insured price of calcium carbide has been high and crude oil prices are lower so that the production of ethylene PVC production costs lower.

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