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Advantages Of Domestic Plastic Sheets

Plastic plates are made of plastic as raw materials. They are widely used in construction and chemical industries. They are used in chemical industry, environmental protection, and construction boards. They are wear-resistant, vibration-resistant, corrosion-resistant, recyclable, strong, anti-aging, and waterproof. Moisture-proof, not easily deformed, repeated use and so on. Moreover, the hard plastic pallets currently being replaced can also be recycled and processed, which will greatly reduce costs.

The most prominent feature is the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, which is an engineering plastic with excellent performance, such as high wear resistance, impact resistance, low coefficient of friction, good self-lubricating performance, and excellent low temperature resistance. , chemical resistance and so on.

As a high-performance thermoplastic engineering plastic, UHMWPE is mainly used in textile, paper, food and other industrial sectors in the early stages of development. With the continuous advancement of technology, various processing methods can be used to produce a variety of products. Therefore, the application field is constantly expanding. The current plastic sheet industry should accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure and accelerate the construction of modern enterprise systems; it must pay more attention to the development of human resources and improve the overall quality of the entire industry; it must rely on scientific and technological progress to accelerate industrial upgrading and technological innovation; it must constantly adjust the product structure and improve equipment. Technical level; It is necessary to vigorously strive for the creation of brand-name products and seriously implement the strategy of sustainable development. We must work together with the same spirit to advance with the times and achieve sustained, rapid, steady and healthy development in the fierce domestic and foreign market competition. Under this market background, Taicang Fengxin Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. not only insists that the FENGXIN brand of engineering plastic sheet produced is reasonable in price, stable in quality, good in resistance to weathering and weatherability, and all products focus on “health and safety”, in line with industrial safety and human health. Standards are still being developed and born on various new plastic templates.

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