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What should pay attention in waterproof casing installation?

Pipe through the railway, roads, streets and other places, in order to prevent the pipeline from being crushed by the load, and outside the pipeline to set protective casing, such as: large-diameter concrete pipe, large diameter steel pipe, etc. to avoid external forces (load) directly on the outer wall of the pipeline, resulting in pipeline damage, and take measures.

Waterproof casing is also called through the wall casing, through the wall tube. Flexible waterproof casing is generally suitable for piping through the walls of the structure with vibration or strict waterproof requirements of the structures, casing part of the finishing, in the outer wall are all brush primer (primer including camphor or cold base oil). Waterproof casing is divided into rigid waterproof casing and flexible waterproof casing. The two are mainly used in different places, flexible waterproof casing mainly used in civil air defense walls, pools and other high requirements, rigid waterproof casing generally used in the basement and other pipelines need to wear pipe position.

Flexible waterproof sleeve is suitable for piping through the walls of the structure of vibration or strict waterproof requirements of the hardware fittings, the general production enterprises are based on the design of the Institute of Architectural Research S312, 02s404 Standard Atlas Manufacturing. Flexible waterproof casing wall walls, such as in case of concrete should be used to concrete walls, the casing must be solidified in the wall once; flexible waterproof casing applied widely in construction, chemical, steel, water, sewage treatment units.

The rigid waterproof casing is a steel tube with a wing ring (steel plate made of annular sleeve on the steel pipe), installed in the wall (many for concrete walls), used for general pipe wall, conducive to wall waterproofing, and flexible waterproof casing in addition to the external wing ring, the internal and other stalls, Frannes, there is a complete set of sales, can also be processed, for the need for shock absorption pipeline, If the pipe is connected with the pump through the wall.

Whether flexible waterproof casing or rigid waterproof casing are used to pipe through the vibration or strict waterproof requirements of the building wall hardware accessories, often used in construction, chemical, steel, water, sewage treatment units.

Rigid waterproof casing and flexible waterproof casing The most intuitive difference, the appearance is different, flexible waterproof casing has rubber sealing ring, such as when used in the water tank wall to prevent leakage. They are installed in a different length, the standard length of the flexible sleeve is 300mm and the standard length of the rigid casing is 200mm, but they have one thing in common that can be arbitrarily lengthened or shortened according to the construction requirement.

Waterproof Casing Installation Note: When facing the surface of the corrosive media, can be used to plug the gap sealing materials to plug the wall in case of non concrete walls, should be local to the concrete wall, the pouring range should be bizart ring diameter (D5) 200, and must be the casing once poured solid in the wall. The concrete wall thickness should not be less than 300, otherwise the wall should be thickened or thickened on either side. The thickened part has a diameter of at least d5+200. The weight of the casing is calculated by l=300, if the wall thickness is greater than 300, it should be calculated separately.

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