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What should be paid attention to in selecting the warm piping material

In the northern winter, the use of what kind of heating method, is a lot of owners to consider when decorating. It is popular in recent years because of its many advantages, such as clean sanitation, space saving and so on. But it is also a question to think about what materials are used in a warm pipeline. The warm pipe is the "main vessel" that the whole household transports liquid and supplies heating, pipe installed in the floor or inside the wall, once there are problems, maintenance is very inconvenient, staff have to "open up broken belly", a comprehensive renovation, "waste", so be sure to pay attention to the use of warm pipeline performance, Choose a safe and reliable ground heating pipeline.

Warm pipe Material

Many kinds of warm pipelines, such as: PB, PPR, galvanized pipe, aluminum tube and so on.

Galvanized pipe: For high-rise, under construction plant, the interface is easy to plug, less family use.

PP-r: used in a variety of piping systems, the majority of home use.

PB tube: Resistance to creep can be superior, wall thickness is the thinnest, high price, less application.

Aluminum Plastic tube: Not hot melt, take the way of copper joint connection.

How to choose a warm pipeline

First, the ability to withstand pressure. The most commonly used is 2.0mm wall thickness, high cost.

Ii. softness. The better is the PB tube.

What should be paid attention to in selecting warm piping materials

Look at the look. Whether the tubing indicates the model, specification and brand. Feel smooth, soft and hard degree moderate.

Comparison of cleaning methods for ground heating pipelines

Chemical immersion: does not cause corrosion to the pipe. Disadvantage: Can not achieve the purpose of scaling.

Projectile type cleaning: clean thoroughly. Disadvantages: Need to disassemble the pipe, there is not suitable for construction joints.

Pulse Wave Physical Cleaning: Avoid long-term scaling caused blockage; disadvantage: construction is limited by space.

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