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What is the difference between traditional PVC pipe and PVC-O pipe?

Molecular chain structure determines the physical and mechanical properties of PVC. In the natural state, the PVC polymer exhibits an amorphous molecular structure, and the molecular chains are randomly arranged in the direction.

However, when the material is biaxially stretched at a certain temperature (above glass temperature), pressure and velocity, the molecular chains of the PVC polymer are arranged in the stretching direction to form a layered structure.

The traditional water supply PVC pipe (PVC-U pipe) in the production process, only in the high temperature axial to a certain degree of stretching, the performance of PVC is not improved.

The PVC-O pipe is subjected to a two-way stretching process at a low temperature under the premise of the axial stretching so that the PVC molecular chain is further stretched in the axial direction, most importantly in the diametrical direction And thus completely changed the molecular chain structure of PVC, in the wall of the molecular arrangement from the original random arrangement into a layered structure.

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