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Total prohibition of foreign waste to jointly curb white pollution

"The Government's work report on how to fight the three major battle has done a key deployment and arrangements, the three major fighting in a very important aspect is pollution prevention and control, the report is clear to promote pollution control to achieve greater results."

"CPPCC member, vice president of Shaanxi High People's court, Fu Fu Wen said in the fight against pollution, one is to attach great importance to the leading role of the Government, to strengthen the system security, the second is to establish the relevant market mechanism, and the third is the producers, consumers, enterprises, social organizations and so on should be responsible for the corresponding. Fu Fu Wen said, "the report specifically prohibits the ' foreign rubbish ' entry, which has practical significance." Many imported solid wastes, including foreign waste, are low in quality, while those processing and utilizing enterprises are small factories and small workshops with poor pollution control ability, and we should pay more attention to this problem. And should not only be a department of attention, but the whole society should pay attention to it. At present, the State has issued provisions, a comprehensive ban on ' foreign garbage ' entry, the proposal can be further refinement of relevant laws and regulations, and effectively put this thing into the legal track.

” In addition to "foreign rubbish", the Fu Fu Wen members are also concerned about "white trash". This year he brought the proposal is "to improve the implementation of the plastic limit order" to promote the containment of "white pollution". "There is an urgent need to perfect the" limit plastic order "in the system, strengthen its execution and compulsion in practice, and ensure the practical implementation.

"he said. Fu Fu Wen members suggested that the scope of "plastic restraint order" should be further extended. He said that the 2007 State Council on the restrictions on the production and sale of plastic shopping bags notice is based on the consumption of packaging products at that time, only for plastic shopping bags to limit. In recent years, with the electric business, express, take-away and other industries development, China's consumption patterns have changed significantly, plastic meal boxes, plastic tape, plastic bags consumption of rapid rise, these industries produced "plastic waste" surge, in some places even more than supermarkets, shopping malls, The consumption of plastic shopping bags in traditional retail places such as fairs and markets.

"The new industry to produce ' plastic waste ' too much pollution problems caused by excessive, has been to a degree of urgency!" He also suggested that the role of the regulatory departments should be clearly defined, including the production, sale and use of the relevant departments of the supervision and responsibility, the functional departments should actively cooperate, through joint law enforcement, strengthen the continuity and intensity of supervision. "We must also strengthen public-related environmental behavior to guide education." Today, people's awareness of environmental protection has increased dramatically, but the understanding of the specific content of the plastic restriction order is limited. Most people know that the plastic shopping bags provided by large supermarkets are standard, but they do not accurately determine whether the shopping bags provided by other venues are illegal. This aspect also needs the related department to do the thorough propaganda and the science popularization. In the future, the limit should be to build a complete ecological chain from the production and sale of plastic bags to recycling, not just on the consumer side. We should make full use of the whole society to solve the problem of plastic restriction and jointly promote containment of ' white pollution '. ”

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