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Thermoplastic composites create new ways for road transport

With the globalization of market operations for various types of commodities, logistics has become an important link for maintaining a stable time economy. In addition, with the pace of human development, the auto industry has started a whole new chapter. Recently, due to the rapid development of composite materials, the transportation industry has once again been icing on the cake.

Today, while pursuing new life brought about by science and technology, people are increasingly paying attention to the sustainable development of the industry itself. Taking the automotive industry as an example, people are also paying attention to the low-carbon emission reduction of automobiles while pursuing the appearance quality, speed limit, and comfort. How to reduce the weight of the car body and improve the fuel economy of the car has become the highest level target that researchers in the industry are seeking

Among the many composite materials, thermoplastic composite materials have won the trust and support of the market and consumers because of its superior characteristics and higher cost performance. In addition to a large number of applications in the car, such as automotive body parts, car chassis, car interiors and so on. There are also a large number of thermoplastic composites in high-tech fields such as construction, aerospace, and even wind energy.

The performance of composite materials is breathtaking and brings new gospel to the human transportation industry. It allows the material to have better weather resistance, longer service life, and is the most thermoplastic material. It can be well recycled and reused, effectively promoting the sustainable development of the industry.

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