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The main forming conditions of polyethylene

Barrel temperature: Barrel temperature is mainly related to the density of PE and melt flow rate, in addition to the type and performance of injection molding machine, the shape of a plastic parts. Because PE is a crystalline polymer, the grains in the melt must absorb a certain amount of heat, so the barrel temperature should be higher than its melting point of 10 degrees.

In LDPE, the barrel temperature control in the 140~200℃,HDPE barrel temperature control in 220 ℃, the bottom of the barrel to take the minimum value, the front-end to take the maximum value. Mold Temperature: Mold temperature on the crystallization of plastic parts have a greater impact on the mold temperature, high melt crystallization, high strength, but shrinkage will also increase.

Usually LDPE mold temperature control in 30℃~45℃, and HDPE temperature corresponding high 10~20℃. Injection pressure: To improve injection molding pressure is conducive to filling the mold, because of the fluidity of PE is very good, in addition to thin-walled slender products, should be excellent choice of lower injection pressure, the general injection pressure for 50~100mpa. The shape is simple.

After the wall larger plastic parts, injection pressure can be lower, the contrary is high.

Drying: It is not necessary to dry if stored properly. Melting Temperature: 220~260c.

For larger molecular materials, it is suggested that the melting temperature range between 200~250c. Mold Temperature: 50~95c.

6mm below the wall thickness of the plastic parts should use a higher mold temperature, 6mm or more wall thickness of the plastic parts using a lower mold temperature. The cooling temperature of the molded parts should be uniform to reduce the shrinkage difference. For the optimal processing cycle time, the cooling channel diameter should not be less than 8mm, and the distance from the mold surface should be within 1.3d (here "D" is the diameter of the cooling cavity).

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