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Teach you to correctly distinguish the warm tube true and false!

According to the national and international product standard requirements, the production of hot and cold water plastic pipe and pipe parts of raw materials, must be in accordance with the gb/t18252-2000 "plastic piping system by extrapolation method for long-term hydrostatic strength of thermoplastics pipe testing" in the test and pass the qualified determination of piping special materials. In other words, each raw material manufacturer must according to the warm pipe product standard to satisfy the forecast intensity reference curve creep failure curve, can prove the raw material which sells is qualified. Only 110 ℃, 8,760 hours of hydrostatic state of the thermal stability of a point test is not to prove that the material is qualified. If you do not know whether the raw material products are qualified, it is equivalent to cement is not identified as the label, the use of strength can not be determined. Regardless of the use of that variety of pipe laying warm, only using the raw materials to meet product standards, and production equipment and technology reasonable production of qualified tubing, through the correct design, installation and use, can reliably ensure that the floor radiant heating plastic pipe service life of 50 years.

First, look at the surface of warm pipe, good quality of the warm pipe surface relatively smooth, bubble, obvious chromatic aberration and impurities, but also warm pipe on the warm pipe models, specifications and brands. Good ground warm pipe above the printed word is more clear and not easy to fall off.

Second, the use of hands to feel whether the pipe has groove ribs, good quality pipe feel fine, smooth, soft and hard degree moderate.

Third, the more warm pipe flexibility and wall thickness, individual warm pipe wall thickness are labeled 2.0, some of the warm pipe is labeled 2.0 wall thickness, but in fact the wall thickness is not up to, but the quality of the warm pipe wall thickness is able to reach the request, and with the same annotation. You may use two kinds of tubing to compare the wall thickness of a pipe when you are not able to distinguish it by a single photo.

Four, to the inspection part of the monitoring, to detect part of the test is to the warm pipe to create suspicion of the time to take the method, individual cases of warm companies used in the warm pipe are qualified products, and has a test report and warranty commitment, simple tube quality test methods may be through the naked eye and feel, However, the testing method of function index can only be carried out in the laboratory.

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