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PVC-O pipe for enterprises to add pipeline industry competitive advantage

PVC-O pipeline market in recent years, a substantial increase in demand for large diameter pipes are also rising. PVC-O pipe is a traditional PVC pipe upgrade products, through a special orientation processing technology manufacturing pipe, will be used to produce PVC-U pipe extrusion method for axial and radial stretching, the pipe in the PVC long Chain molecules in the biaxial regular arrangement, access to high strength, high toughness, high impact, anti-fatigue of the new PVC pipe.

PVC-O pipe appeared in the 20th century, 80 years, its technology since then began to form, creating a global demand.

Oulu PVC-O pipeline in the market after the launch, sales rose sharply. PVC-O as a new type of pipe, with good performance, lightweight pipe, easy handling and laying advantages, superior performance so that it can be applied to higher pressure and more harsh environments. Improve product performance is that people have been pursuing but not easy to achieve the subject. Biaxially oriented PVC pipes not only provide examples for this topic, but also lay the foundation for the future development of a new product.

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