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Practical knowledge about tubing 2

Second, seamless steel pipe

It is a long steel bar with a hollow section and no joints around it. The steel pipe has a hollow cross-section and is used in large quantities as a pipe for conveying fluids, such as pipes for transporting petroleum, natural gas, coal gas, water, and certain solid materials. Compared with solid steel such as round steel, steel pipes have a lighter weight when subjected to the same flexural and torsional strength, and are economical cross-section steels. They are widely used in the manufacture of structural and mechanical parts such as oil drill pipes, automobile transmission shafts, and bicycles. Frames and steel scaffolds used in construction. The use of steel pipes for the manufacture of annular parts can increase the material utilization, simplify the manufacturing process, save material and processing man-hours, such as rolling bearing rings, jack sleeves, etc. Currently, steel pipes are widely used for manufacturing. Steel pipe is also an indispensable material for various conventional weapons. The barrels, barrels, etc. must be made of steel pipes. Steel tubes can be divided into round tubes and shaped tubes according to the shape of the cross-sectional area. Since the circle area is the largest under the condition of the same circumference, more fluid can be transported by the circular tube. In addition, when the ring section is subjected to internal or external radial pressure, the force is more uniform. Therefore, most steel pipes are round pipes. However, the circular tube also has certain limitations. For example, under the conditions of plane bending, the circular tube is not as strong as the square and rectangular tube, and some agricultural machinery skeletons, steel-wood furniture, etc. are commonly used and rectangular tubes. According to different uses also need to have other cross-sectional shape of the special-shaped steel pipe. The

1. Seamless steel pipe for structural use (GB/T8162-1999) is a seamless steel pipe for general structure and mechanical structure. The

2. Seamless steel pipe for fluid transportation (GB/T8163-1999) is a general seamless steel pipe used to transport fluid such as water, oil, and gas. The

3. Seamless steel tubes for low and medium pressure boilers (GB3087-1999) are used to manufacture various types of low and medium pressure boiler superheated steam pipes, boiling water pipes and superheated steam pipes for boilers, large smoke pipes, small smoke pipes and arch bricks. High-quality carbon structural steel for hot-rolled and cold drawn (rolled) seamless steel tubes. The

4. Seamless steel tubes for high-pressure boilers (GB5310-1995) are high-quality carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless heat-resistant seamless steel tubes for the heating surface of water-tube boilers used to produce high pressure and higher pressures. The

5. High-pressure seamless steel tubes for chemical fertilizer equipment (GB6479-86) are high-quality carbon structural steel and alloy steel seamless tubes suitable for chemical equipment and pipelines with an operating temperature of -40 to 400°C and a working pressure of 10 to 30 Ma. The

6. Seamless Steel Pipe for Petroleum Cracking (GB9948-88) is a seamless steel pipe for furnace tubes, heat exchangers and pipes in petroleum refineries. The

7. Steel pipes for geological drilling (YB235-70) are steel pipes used by the geological department for core drilling. They can be divided into drill pipes, drill collars, core pipes, casing pipes, and sedimentation pipes according to their purposes. The

8. Diamond core drilling seamless steel pipe (GB3423-82) is a seamless steel pipe used for drilling of diamond cores, core rods, and casing. The

9. The oil drilling pipe (YB528-65) is a seamless steel pipe used for thickening or thickening at both ends of oil drilling. The steel pipe is divided into two types, namely the sub-car wire and the non-car wire, and the wire pipe is connected with the joint. The butt welding method of the wire car pipe is connected with the tool joint. The

10. Carbon steel seamless steel tubes for ships (GB5213-85) are carbon steel seamless tubes for the production of Class I pressure piping systems, Class II pressure piping systems, boilers and superheaters for ships. Carbon steel seamless steel pipe wall temperature does not exceed 450 °C, alloy steel seamless pipe wall temperature exceeds 450 °C. The

11. Seamless steel tubes for automotive half-axle casing (GB3088-82) are high-quality carbon structural steel and alloy structural steel hot-rolled seamless steel tubes for the manufacture of automobile axle bushings and drive axle housings. The

12. The high-pressure fuel pipe for diesel engines (GB3093-86) is a cold-drawn seamless steel pipe for the high pressure pipes used in the manufacture of diesel injection systems. The

13. Precision inner diameter seamless steel tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders (GB8713-88) are precision-drawn or cold-rolled precision seamless steel tubes with precision inner diameter dimensions for the manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. The

14. Cold-drawn or cold-rolled precision seamless steel tubes (GB3639-83) are cold-drawn or cold-rolled precision seamless steel tubes for mechanical structures and hydraulic equipment with high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish. The use of precision seamless steel pipe manufacturing machinery structures or hydraulic equipment, etc., can greatly reduce the mechanical processing time, improve the material utilization, and help improve product quality. The

15. Structural stainless steel seamless pipes (GB/T14975-1994) are hot-rolled stainless steels that are widely used in corrosion-resistant pipes and structural parts and components in the chemical, petroleum, textile, medical, food, and machinery industries. Squeeze, expand) and cold drawn (rolled) seamless steel tubes. The

16. Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe for Fluid Conveyance (GB/T14976-1994) is a hot rolled (extruded, expanded) and cold drawn (rolled) seamless steel pipe made of stainless steel for conveying fluids. The

17. Shaped seamless steel tubes are the general term for seamless steel tubes of other cross-sectional shapes than circular tubes. According to the different shapes and sizes of steel pipe sections, they can be divided into equal-wall thickness special-shaped seamless steel pipes (code D), unequal wall thickness profiled seamless steel pipes (codenamed BD) and variable-diameter special-shaped seamless steel pipes (coded as BJ). Shaped seamless steel tubes are widely used in various structural parts, tools and mechanical parts. Compared with round tubes, shaped tubes generally have larger moments of inertia and section modulus, and have greater resistance to bending and torsion, which can greatly reduce the structural weight and save steel.

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