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Plastic pipe favored by the technology reform of the pipeline industry

The traditional pipe network is mainly composed of steel pipe, cast iron pipe, cement pipe and clay pipe, the traditional pipeline materials have the characteristics of high energy consumption, easy to produce environmental pollution and so on, at the same time, the pipe network also has the following disadvantages: ① service life is short, generally 5-10 years; ② resistance to chemical and anti-corrosion performance, ③ Water Conservancy science performance is not good, ④ construction cost high, cycle ⑤ pipeline integrity is poor, easy to leak and so on. Since the middle of 20th century, the world, especially developed countries have been in the development of plastic pipe special materials and the use of plastic pipe.

In the last ten years, plastic pipes have been developing rapidly. Plastic pipe in the life and industrial applications, with its environmental security and more and more favored, play an important, irreplaceable role. Especially in the construction industry, plastic pipe can not only be a large number of steel, substituting wood, replacing the traditional building materials, but also has the energy saving, the material, the protection ecology, the improvement living environment, enhances the building function and the quality, reduces the building self-respect, the completion convenient and so on the advantage, is widely used in the construction water supply and drainage, the town water supply and drainage The growth rate of plastic pipe is about 4 times times the average growth rate of pipe, which is much higher than the growth rate of national economy. Green plastic pipe with environmental protection to replace the cast iron pipe and galvanized steel pipe has become the trend of the development of the new century. Plastic pipe in developed countries, especially in Europe has been successful development and extensive use of the development in China is relatively lagging behind, but in recent years with the strengthening of China's comprehensive national strength, the improvement of people's living standards, plastic pipelines have been developed by leaps and bounds.

The variety and application of plastic pipe after years of rapid development, at present, China's plastic pipe has developed into a more complete varieties, production capacity of the scale of the building materials industry, the main plastic pipe varieties are: UPVC pipe, CPVC tube, PE pipe, pap tube, PE tube, Pp-b pipe, pp-R pipe, PB tube, ABS tube, steel-plastic composite pipe, glass fiber reinforced tube and so on. Widely used in building water pipes, drains, urban buried water pipes, drainage pipes, gas pipes, rural drainage pipes, irrigation pipes, industrial sewage and transport of chemical fluids, etc., to meet the national economy in various fields of the different needs of the pipe. We should develop and produce a type of plastic pipe according to the characteristics and application of various tubing.

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