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Performance Analysis of Mesh Structure of

1, PVC-O Oulai blue tube in the PVC material at the glass transition temperature through the two-way stretching of the material to re-arrange the material, so that the material (pipe wall) to form a network structure, able to bear from the material body microcracks Or the wall surface scratches of brittle damage, so that the strength of the pipe, toughness and anti-cracking performance has been significantly improved.

2, excellent impact resistance in withstand external impact, impact, the pipe is not brittle damage. More adapted to improper handling, brutal construction and other environments.

3, good pipe elasticity. In the pipe was 100% flattened in the case of removal of external forces, pipe shape can be basically restored.

Application areas

PVC-O Oulai blue tube unique material and mechanical properties, making it particularly suitable for high pressure (1.0-2.5MPa), poor construction conditions, water pressure fluctuations in the temperature is not higher than 45 ℃ water supply system and irrigation The system's trunk and branch pipelines. In the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, the United States, Australia, South Africa and Japan and other countries for many years.

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